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By Eric Eagan
March 21, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Early this month I had a sudden rush of companies requesting that I review a product for them. I like to do this. It’s a fun way to try new things. It’s a fun way to get stuff for "free". Although free isn’t what it is because a decent amount of work does go in to reviewing products.

The question is – When do you say yes? And when do you say no? I recently talked to Sheila about this and keeping the blog "true to me" so the question became instantly relevant when requests started coming in.

Let me give 2 examples of 2 companies that contacted me asking about working together.

The first company is Bulu Box - basically a service you sign up for and have supplements delivered to your door in a "box" each month. You fill out a quick interest survey – weight loss – nutrition – endurance – etc – and each month you get a box with products that fit that category. Check them out, it is a pretty cool service – You can even buy this as a gift for someone.

The second one is Swanson Health Products - Basically what it sounds like – A site that carries pretty much any supplement you could want to use/try and they do so at really great prices. They even carry items for the pet in your life!

I chose to work with Swanson over Bulu Box even though the offer was much different – I looked at both sites – both offers – and decided that Swanson really fit who I was as a writer, and more importantly as a person/athlete than the Bulu Box.

Swanson let me choose the products I wanted and try out the service on my terms – Bulu Box was lot’s of fun stuff that would come for 3 months to me but I wasn’t exactly sure what I would receive. Both reps from both companies were wonderful to work with. Both were friendly and engaging – Yet I am not a big supplement user.

I am simple – my supplement routine consists of a multivitamin once a day – a fish oil once a day and a green tea extract once a day. I sent a note to the rep from Bulu Box just letting her know I was honored to be thought of (I am) but that I did not think my blog, my goals, and my readers would benefit from a partnership with them at this time.

I know this is small time – but it really was about not selling out. I knew I would not use half the things that came in the Bulu Box so Swanson was the way to go. I am not a fan of blogs that seem to sign up for every single opportunity to "review" or host "giveaways" even if they may never use the product again and may never have used it before. I am trying to be a bit more picky .

In our order? Simple – Fish oil – Green Tea – and for Sheila as an experiment in the battle vs asthma Apple Cider Vinegar tablets.

Swanson covered those products for me while I tried out the service. They were wonderful – The site is easy to use and easy to navigate. Customer service was fantastic – and shipping was cheap and speedy.

So – that’s a little insight into what goes on with some of these reviews- I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing about them – and who knows – Maybe you will even try some of the products out once in a while!

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