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  • Charge they did — three Union companies against 2 Confederate regiments. The amazement sparked a new energy in the Union troops.

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  • Charge they did — three Union companies against 2 Confederate regiments. The amazement sparked a new energy in the Union troops. The first line of Confederate troops had turned and ran into their own soldiers leaving the first and second lines broken. The entire Confederate force was on the run as Col. Joseph Corning exclaimed that his three companies were on the charge. The 7th Maine watched as the General road toward them waiving his hat.
    The battle was on and the troops on both sides were fighting a war of strategy and luck. Bravery came from the 33rd as the three companies changed the direction of this battle from a Union disaster to a Union victory. McRae of the 5th North Carolina ran his horse into the mud to bring word of a retreat order to the South Carolinian’s from General Hill. General Early had run right into the well fortified lines of the 33rd at which was called the slaughter of the 5th N.C.
    When the rebels retreated they realized defeat and capture to the 33rd was inevitable. The battle was over and now all that is left is the blood and guts 5th N, C. lost 302 dead, 24th Virginia lost 190. The Union troops captured the flag of the Carolinians. Deep in the woods in the darkness Henry Richardson and others of the 33rd and other regiments fanned out.  The men of the 33rd and other regiments searched for those still alive. As fiercely as they killed, the men of the 33rd brought mercy to those Confederate soldiers that needed water and aid.  Both sides were enemies in war, but when battles were done they became brothers in need. Col Corning noted how happy he was at the mercy and compassion his troops showed to their southern brothers.   This battle was over and on to the next.  
    July 1 through 3 is the 150th Anniversary of the great battle at Gettysburg. Changing direction is in order at this point. The Battle of Gettysburg was primarily the same time of year as the 33rd’s trek with the Army of the Potomac, late June; but 1 year later. We are also changing from the 33rd Regiment to the 111th Regiment the 8th NY Calvary and the 1st NY Calvary who were on the move to Gettysburg. We are also changing from General McClellan to General George Meade who took over from Hooker. A sleepy community lies just over the Virginia line. It was a productive community with shoe factories, boarding houses, and nice Pennsylvania folk. At some point the villagers began to see officers riding through the streets. The Villagers could see that it was both the north and the south. Even the two armies knew both were meeting in Gettysburg. It is June 30th and the corps were getting in position. The high ground was the most ideal. The Generals were arriving as Lee, Longstreet, Early, and Pickett began to square off against the Union’s Meade, Buford, and Reynolds. The first of the troops had found positions and were ready. The first day was a Confederate weakening of the Union lines. But, that was nothing; the second and third days were the bloodiest with 166,000 troops.
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