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  • Historically speaking — A peek at Palmyra’s past

  • Ahoy mateys tis a fine time for Historic Palmyra’s Pirates of the Erie Canal. Festivities will be happening on Aug. 9 with the Goonies and a ghost walk for the older folks. Movie is no charge walk is 2 hours at $10 a mate.

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  • Ahoy mateys tis a fine time for Historic Palmyra’s Pirates of the Erie Canal. Festivities will be happening on Aug. 9 with the Goonies and a ghost walk for the older folks. Movie is no charge walk is 2 hours at $10 a mate. The day celebration will be Aug. 10 with ye scallywags and buccaneers takin the village by storm. Games, stories and the usual bed race will be happin on Market and Main Streets with the pirate vendors on Market St. at Pirate central and the Marina. A surprise — grand event details to come later, the Schooner Lois McClure will be dockin on our port Aug. 11 we be getting her on her way back from fortune and fame to the west. Watch next week for the exact time and happenins that Historic Palmyra’s Pirates will be presenting just for ye crew of the Schooner Lois McClure.    
    Now, back to the history of Palmyra and Vicinity. The War at Gettysburg saw fatalities of two local boys Edwin Lewis Jessup and James Bump. The battle lasted a total of three days and the remnants of the battle lasted for weeks after. In the museum we have a box of items taken from the battle field three days after the battle was over. Many local soldiers went to the 150th Anniversary at Gettysburg to participate in the re-enactment. History is an amazing thing and folks do remember.
    We are going to jump out of the war for a bit and talk about our calendar and happenings back home. On Thursday, July 5, 1876 the entire Jarvis Block burned down. Today it is rebuilt although it doesn’t say Jarvis block anymore due to a fire a few years ago. Powers to be were unable to bring this artifact of history back and now it just has a large piece of cement where the iconic parapet was. Doesn’t even look like anything. Oh, well. Thank goodness for the new building that is being done by Mark Crane one of our current businessmen. He has the plans and it looks nice. He will give it an old original look and is excited to give back. We are really proud of him. One thing you can see is that his mind is set and the work gets done. On July 4, 1976 the Alling Coverlet Museum was opened by Historic Palmyra’s amazing members. It is great that so many feel history is one of our greatest legacies.    
    On July 6, 1864 “The Hive” presents a fair to benefit sick and injured soldiers. The New York City Railroad became a part of a new transportation method on July 7, 1853. On July 8, 1892 Judge Nelson Sawyer was honored for his work on the Perry Robbery. Heh, ladies on July 9, 1913 the C/B Corset Week was held at M. Story Dry Goods on Main Street. I bet the lines were out the doors for these amazing items creating youth and hour glass figures for those that had long been out of that shape. On July 10, 1821 the Erie Canal between Palmyra and the soon to be Macedon was formally completed. On July 11, 1894 the Wayne County Journal was established for a short life before it was purchased by F. W. Griffith and became part of the Palmyra Courier.    
    Page 2 of 2 - Many sad days happened in July and on July 12, 1814 our General John Swift was shot, fatally, at Fort George. He was surely missed and was always considered a great man. He was returned to his resting spot on top of the Old Cemetery Hill across from the Catholic Church where he had given land for the first school and church, then becoming a public cemetery until the Vienna Street Village Cemetery was built. In 1923 the American Legion put up a large stone monument to our General with a flag pole. Thanks to the Village Bldgs. and Grounds Superintendent Gary Hopkins for keeping it beautiful and to Jeremy Unterborn for painting all the historic signs. Keep cool everyone and remember we are so fortunate to have a main street that is filled with hundreds of folks during the summer. We here at Historic Palmyra have worked for years with our friends at the LDS Church in many areas, whether merchandizing, advertising and tourism, and we in Palmyra have the best relationship. Visitors are shopping and visiting our shops and museums more than ever before.
    For information, please call Historic Palmyra at 597-6981. If anyone needs an information booklet and map for their visitors just give a call. Historic Palmyra does this for our merchants and attractions at no cost to them. This is a way that we participate with our village business partners.