Yes the PGA Championship is currently taking place in Rochester, New York at Oak Hills' famed East course.  Golf and elite prestige are oftentimes synomous in people's minds, but let me warn you that going to watch the event should not be a high fashion exhibition.  There is also a reason that preppiness and golf go hand in hand- conservative dress code for the golf course had pretty much stayed consistent throughout the decades.  I will say this right here do not wear heels even if you are walking the well paved concrete paths your feet will ache and the sun will burn your pretty well manicured feet. You can wear what I call a tennis skirt and/or bermuda shorts with a nice polo top and wear golf cleats or any type of flat saddle shoe. I would say the best places to get this attire for a relatively inexpensive sum of money is either at the Land's End Inlet at Marketplace Mall, or the Land's End Shop within Sear's. Other good places to get attire are L.L.Bean or you can shop some of the sale racks at department stores. It is a great time to get end of season merchandise with a hefty discount. Also remember you could also wear a visor (I seriously have been given about 50 over my lifetime, since my stepfather was a rather avid golfer), and sunglasses. Also don't forget the sunscreen at least 15 sph or higher, also consider bringing a water bottle because walking a full 18 holes can get rather draining.  After the play for the day is over you can consider dressing up a bit to check out the after events which seem to be occurring throughout the Village of Pittsford,