MACEDON Palmyra-Macedon Intermediate School Summer Learning Adventure classroom studied butterflies this summer and worked with the village of Macedon to beautify the butterfly nature trail.
On Aug. 14 the students participated in a "Random Acts of Kindness" project. The third, fourth and fifth grade classes under the direction of Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Nolan and Mrs. Sando worked all summer to add butterfly fact informational posts down at the Butterfly Nature Trail. The students placed permanent posters along the trail with butterfly facts for the community to enjoy.
There were 45 people in attendance for the unveiling of the facts. Each child read us the facts and answered questions of their butterflies from the teachers.
I would personally like to thank Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Nolan, Mrs. Sando, the children and Dr. Robert Ike for their support and creativity in this great community project, Mayor Marie Cramer said. I encourage everyone to go to the Butterfly Nature trail and see this magnificent addition. It is not only a great educational tool for everyone to enjoy, but while you are there you will experience nature therapy, family time, and an enjoyable walk.
Each grade level also adopted a flower bed and is now responsible for its care.