The details
PALMYRA — In just four months since the fire that destroyed three buildings and damaged a fourth, construction is well underway on the new Mark’s Pizzeria on Main Street in downtown Palmyra.
With demolition complete, last month, Mark’s Pizzeria franchise owner Mark Crane revealed his plans for the first-ever Mark’s dine restaurant. The interior of the new pizzeria will boast a huge dining area with seating for 60, a new kitchen with front counter for customers stopping in to pick up their pizza. The restaurant will also boast some of the mementos Crane was able to salvage from the old building after the fire. The building’s brick facade will have a wooden Mark’s Pizzeria sign — all to keep with the canal-era motif — with lights shining down on the sign from above. To the right of sign will be a 3-foot lighted clock.
Crane is also building a park to the west of the new pizzeria with access from the restaurant, from Main Street and the rear parking lot. Wayside Garden Center in Macedon will be designing the 1,500-square foot park with available seating expected for 32. The park will be enclosed by a 6-foot wrought-iron fence. Crane said the park will be open when the pizzeria is open, but will close when it grows dark. Crane and his staff will be monitoring activity in the park, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Community members, pizzeria patrons or not, will be welcome to sit in the park with their lunch or coffee, bring a laptop and make use of the free village WiFi or read a book.
The progress
Construction crews are doing “a great job,” Crane said last week of the building’s progress. The shell is up and crews were installing plumbing inside even as the roof was being put on above their heads. This week, Crane expects crews will pour the cement for the restaurant’s interior floor.
The progress looks impressive, but Crane says they still have a long way to go.
“All we have is a shell up,” he said. “There’s still a ton to do, but we’re moving right along.”
Inside there is much to be done — from electric work to dry walling and an infinite number of finishing touches, of course. Crane said they are still anticipating opening the new restaurant by Halloween.