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  • 2013 High School Football Preview Capsules

  • Below is a look at every varsity football team in the Monroe County and Finger Lakes League, as well as a few other local squads. For game updates throughout the season, follow the Messenger Post sports staff on Twitter: Bryan Sullivan (@MPN_BSullivan), Dan Goldman (@MPN_DanGoldman) and Jay Notareschi (@MPN_JNotareschi).
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  • Below is a look of every varsity football team in the Monroe County and Finger Lakes League, as well as a few other local squads. For game updates throughout the season, follow the Messenger Post sports staff on Twitter: Bryan Sullivan (@MPN_BSullivan), Dan Goldman (@MPN_DanGoldman) and Jay Notareschi (@MPN_JNotareschi).
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Independent
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 7-4, Section 5 Class AA Champion, lost in State Quarterfinals to Orchard Park
    COACH/YEAR: Chris Battaglia/18th Year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Jake Zembiec, So., QB; Donato Clemente, Sr., RB/FS; Mike Holley, Sr., DT; Emilio Zuniga, Sr., DT; Luch Pietropaolo, Sr., RB; Alonzo Turney, Sr., WR/CB; Alex Bianchi, Sr., WR/P; Nick Velte, Jr., T; Anthony Price, Sr., G; Charlie Rist, Sr., LB; Al-Tron Webb, Sr., LB.
    KEY LOSSES: Billy Lombardi, RB; James Hedger, G/DE; Alec Clanton G/DE; Ishmael Cox SS.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: A.J. LoBrutto, Jr., LB.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We will be playing the toughest schedule we have played in the last eight years and it is going to take a lot of work to accomplish our goals.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Monroe County Division 3
    COACH: Brennan Briggs
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Brandon Stevenson, Sr., QB/RB/DB; Nick Canzoneri, Sr., FB/LB; Tom Garlock, Sr., OL/DL; Devon Koepp, Jr., OL/DL.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: The Batavia football program has re-joined the Monroe County Division III league. Coach Brennan Briggs and his players are excited for the challenge ahead, as Class B Batavia will face 6 Class A opponents this
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Livingston II
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 2-6, did not qualify
    COACH/YEAR: Eddie Long/5th
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Jo Jo Gause, Sr., WR/OLB; Tyler Kirton, Sr., QB/S; Ardell Brown, Jr., WR/DB; Jalen Long, Jr., WR/S; Josh Jackson, So., OL/LB; Tre Johnson, Sr.; Jalik Jones, Sr., LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Branden Kellam, Jr, WR/OLB; Dahmir Pross, Fr., RB/DB; Titus Jones, Fr., OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Chris Archie, RB/SS; Andre Wilson, OL/LB; PV Norflee, WR/DB; Alvin English.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Looking for solid leadership from my upper classmen, especially from the QB position. We must play better up front. We must be able to stop the run, embrace and handle all adversity that comes our way.
    Page 2 of 12 - BRIGHTON BARONS
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division 3
    COACH/YEAR: Stephen Lian/2nd Year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 4-5, Connors and Ferris Bowl Champions
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: John Muir, OL/DL; Justin Gudell, LB/TE; Jack Thomas, TE/LB; Nick Valenti, OL/DL; Gordon Truesdale, DL/RB; Matt Stone, WR/DB; Adam Spencer, OL/DL; Johnell Gamble, DE/RB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Peyton Starling, WR/DB; Nick Voss, DB; Austin Carr, QB; Connor Cerasuolo, DB; Justin Davis, RB.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Only returning 3 starters on offense, while the defense returns 6 starters from last year's front 7. Will rely heavily on 6 (of 18) seniors who will be starting for their third seasons, while a lot of talented underclassmen adjust to the varsity level. The players have worked very hard in the off season in continuing to develop the strength necessary to compete in a very talented division. Working to take the next step as a program in pushing to be among the top tier teams in our league.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Monroe County Div. 2
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 8-1, lost in semifinals to Canandaigua
    COACH/YEAR: Scott Nugent/2nd
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Damon Beaver, DE/OL; Jordan Blocker, OL; Andy Reed, RB/
    DT; Cam Calderelli, OL/DL; Adam Bonisteel, RB/LB; Justis Blocker, TE/DE; Matt Prest, WR/S.
    KEY LOSSES: Denzel Knight, Tom Sydeski, Mike Myers, Frank Marcera.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Josh Michels, QB; Jake Fey, RB/LB; TJ Rowe, RB/DB; Carlton Ekiyor,
    WR/DB; Chris Sadoma C/DL.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We need to find replacements for graduated "big-play" players in
    order to compete this year.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division 3
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 6-4, Lost in Section 5 Finals to Eastridge
    COACH/YEAR: Jeff Welch/3rd Year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Connor Heeb, Sr., OL/DL; Jaymin Ransom, Sr., RB/DB; Anthony Pagliano, Sr., QB/WR/LB; Brian Feldman, Sr., TE/DE; Travis Welch, Jr., RB/LB;
    Eric Munn, Sr., WR/DB.
    KEY LOSSES: Nate Bellis, FB/LB; Austin Coyne, QB; Sean Outhouse, RB/LB; Sean Condon, OL/DE.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Nick Johnson, Jr., RB/LB; Coron Broomfield, So., RB/DB; Patrick Coyne, Jr., WR/DB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Pro-Set and Wildcat
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We have a lot of kids coming back that have experienced some success and have some experience in some high pressure situations. Reaching the sectional finals was a great achievement, but you want to improve every year. They put a lot of work in in the offseason. As a program, we're looking to take that next step.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A/Monroe County Divison II
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 3-5/Lost in first round of sectionals
    COACH/YEAR: Paul Dick/24th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: John Iacucci, Sr., QB; Sam Eagan, Sr., OT/DT; Mike Caternolo; Jake Mortier; Paul Fricano; Austin Corriea; Kevin Daniszewski
    KEY LOSSES: We lost two key receivers and a starting running back.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Miles McKinney, Will Gipson, Luke Tomczyk
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Multiple. We like to establish the run.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class D, Finger Lakes West
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 7-2, lost in Class D finals
    COACH/YEAR: Nick Dercola/7th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Joe Faniel, Sr., WR/DB; Joemaine Bogan, Sr., RB/DE; Todd Romano, Sr., RB/DB; Kam DiSanto, Sr., TE/LB; Cal Felker, Sr., WR/LB; Alex Schrader, Sr., WR/DB; Ron Bailey, Sr., OL/DL; Jordon Colbert, Sr., OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Tom Molisani, QB; Patrick Harper, TE/DE; Dalton Murray, WR/DB; Kyle DeLisio, OL/DL; Matt Sharp, RB/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Derek Mann, Jr., OL/DL; Lance Goebert, Sr., QB/LB; Mike Kaplan, Jr., OL/DL; Mike Turner, Jr., WR/LB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Spread wildcat
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We expect to be In the hunt for the Finger Lakes West title and participate in the Class D sectionals.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class D, Finger Lakes West
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 3-5, Lost to Notre Dame Batavia in quarterfinals
    COACH/YEAR: Sheldon Gibson/5th Year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Jon Huber, Jr., QB/OLB; Lance Irwin, Jr., OL/DL; Colin Prior, Sr., RB/LB; Rory Long, Sr., OL/DL; Paul Pollack, Sr., RB/LB; Justin Brace, Sr., WR/DE; Jeffrey Wood, Jr., FB/LB; Joshua Kirkendall, Sr., OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Tyle Carruthers, C/DE; Axel Jensen, QB/DB; Michael Koehler, OL/DE; Greg Ellison, FB/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Brennan Krall, Jr. WR/DB; Brad Smith, Jr., OL/DL; Cole Hartman, Jr., TE/DE; Justin Neu, Jr., WR/DB
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Delaware Wing-T
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class C, Finger Lakes East
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 9-2, Class B Sectional Champions
    COACH/YEAR: Dennis Greco/21st year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Zach Hauser, Sr., QB; Akeem Hosang, Sr., RB; Jake Miller, Sr., RB; Andrew Fischer, Jr., WR; Chase Reeves, Sr. C; Nate Teeter, Sr., RB; Hayden Ricci, So., OL.
    KEY LOSSES: Sam Beckenbach, OL/DL; Ryan LaFountain, OL/DL; Jordan Trabalzi, OL/DL; Brian Delgado LB; Austin Peterson, WR/DB.
    Page 4 of 12 - KEY NEWCOMERS: Alex Brothers, So., OL/DL; Riley Palmer, WR; Brett Custer, Jr., DB/RB; Brendan McDermott, OL/LB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Multiple formations
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Good core of returning skill players. If OL and DL play well we will be a very competitive team.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division III
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 10-1, Class A Champions, lost to Sweet Home in Regionals
    COACH/YEAR: Chad Green/8th
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Ricky Hagins, Sr., WR/LB; Jayshawn Pinkard, Sr., TE/LB; Greg Herrera, Jr., OL/DL; Nico Piacentini, Jr., OL/DL; Alejandro Cruz, Sr., OL/LB; BJ White, Sr., OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Alec Mortillaro, QB; Alex Officer, OL; Jeremiah Ortiz, RB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Not provided.
    OFFENSIVE/DEFENSIVE STYLE: 'We should have pretty good team speed on both sides of the ball."
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Overhauled roster. We lost 19 seniors and we have very few returning starters. Newcomers need to step up and fill those new positions.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA/Monroe County Division 1
    COACH/YEAR: David Whitcomb/Fourth Year at Fairport
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 3-5, lost to Hilton in Class AA quarterfinals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: John Horn, Marquis Young, Jon Kreskey, James Liebenow, Kevin Foskett, Robbie Dewind, Caleb Robbins, Trevor Sepp.
    KEY LOSSES: Colton Kells; Kevin Vaughn; Chris Hoke; Jack Sanna
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Byron Waddell, Jahadi Prior, Jon Pedro, Cory Mack, Roper Rose
    COACH'S COMMENT: "This team has a great work ethic. Good team speed, kicking game.League will be balanced. Pittsford is the team to beat."
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Monroe County Division 1
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 4-5, Did not qualify for sectionals
    COACH/YEAR: Jason Benham/23rd year (12th as head coach)
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Ryan Ellis, Sr., WR/DB; Isaiah Brown, So., RB/FS; Martin Peace, Sr., OL/LB; Jacquis Webb, Sr., OL/DL; Joshua Hurley, Sr., OL/LB; Myles McFadden, Jr., TB/LB.
    KEY LOSSES: CJ Palozzi, RB/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Joshua Mack, So., RB/DB; Anthony Clark, Jr., WR/LB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Pro I with many different formations and packages
    COACH'S COMMENTS: The kids and the coaches are tired of not being in the post-season mix. If we can get the ball in the hands of our athletes we will be able to finish drives. Defensively we are more experienced and bigger than last year!
    Page 5 of 12 - CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Finger Lakes East
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 8-1, Lost in semifinals
    COACH/YEAR: Mike Pane/4th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Josh Jackson, RB; Kyle Cosentino, LB; Jake Desienring, C; Dylan Doeblin, OL; Dytalian Dennis, WR.
    KEY LOSSES: Shane Sweeney, QB; Sean Cunningham, WR; Jessie Lewis, WR; Jose Torres , WR; Tyler Keear, LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Jack Wallwork, QB; Alex Gonzalez, OL/DL; CK Mason, TE/DE.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: One-back variety
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We expect to improve throughout the year, work hard and be fundamentally sound.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division III
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 2-6, Did not qualify for Sectionals
    COACH/YEAR: John Lockhart/12th year at Arcadia
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Noah Barnard, So., QB/LB; Nelson Colon, Sr., RB; Marquis Ellis, Sr., FB/LB; Cory Hammond, Sr., TE/FS; Anthony Finucane, So., T/DE; Calvin Darling, Sr., G/LB.
    KEY LOSSES: Randall Marcellus, DE; Dan Kane, T; Zach Smith, WR; D'Quan Brown, CB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Tyler Alawi, Sr., LB; Sal Finocchario, So., G/NG; Anthony Rodriguez, Jr., QB/CB; Austin Heagle, Sr., T/DT.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Pro I and Pistol
    COACH'S COMMENT: We have a great nucleus of players. Most are young but working hard. Our seniors will need to provide solid leadership to help the younger players transition to varsity football. Our offensive and defensive line are strong and should help us on both sides of the ball as long as we can stay healthy.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A/Monroe County Division II
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 4-5/Lost to Brockport in semifinals
    COACH/YEAR: Rob Cerone/19th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Ricky Federico, TB/CB; Kenny Coucil, OT/DT; David Pavone, OT/LB; Jake Wiegand, FL/CB; Unis Ashkar, OG/DE; Jason Giordano, C/DT.
    KEY LOSSES: Ryan Prevost, John Hampton, Frank Carnevale, Trevond Jones.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Brandon Pruitt, OT/DE; Jamie Trimboli, QB/DB; Vince Soeffing, HB/LB; Signory Mutach, TB/SS.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Shotgun no-huddle
    COACH'S COMMENT: Our offensive and defensive lines should be a strength, and we hope to avoid the injury bug.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A/Monroe County Division III
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 0-8/Did not qualify
    COACH/YEAR: Tim Hill/19th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Ian James, Sr., OT/DT; Alex Watson, Sr., OG/DT; Dan Albano, Sr., OG/DT; Wiley Townsend, Sr., ML/FB; Bryan Collister, Sr., DE/LB/QB/FB/TE; Ryan Morgan, Jr., LB/RB; Idrissa Kabba, Sr., DB/WR; Zack Syracuse, Jr., DB/WR; Gavin Pierce, Jr., DB/RB; Paul Martinez, Jr., OL.
    Page 6 of 12 - KEY LOSSES: Craig Hardges
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Andre Rivera, Jr., RB/LB; Austin Wilkerson, Jr., QB/DE; Jake Fox-Salah, Jr., DE/T.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Pro-I, multiple formations
    DEFENSIVE STYLE: 4-front
    COACH'S COMMENT: We are excited for a new season. We have some tough games to begin the year and getting of to a good start would be big. Hopefully we can avoid injuries and continue to improve each day.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Monroe County Division I
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 7-2/Lost in semifinals
    COACH/YEAR: Rich Lipani / 25th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: August Schwartzmeier, OL/DL; Jake Reed, OL/DL; Jack Anten, QB/DE; Ricky Lipani, OLB/FL; Josh Crocetti, DB/FL.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Justin Clayton, C/LB; Ted Lawson, FB/LB; Reide Metzger, DE/WR.
    KEY LOSSES: DJ Logory, QB; Derek Richards, RB; Jake Brickler, LB; Andy Miller, LB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Balanced with a power run game
    DEFENSIVE STYLE: Attacking 4-4
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We are a very young team that was hit hard by graduation, we have some good size and have an opportunity to show great improvement throughout the season.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Monroe County Division 3
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 2-6, Lost to Geneva in quarterfinals
    COACH/YEAR: John Russ/Second Year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Ryan Hoh, OL/DL; David Zuber, OL/DL; Kevin LeFevre, OL/DL; Jake Smith, OL/LB; Jovan Alcorn RB/DB.
    KEY LOSSES: Ryan Quackenbush, RB/DB; Alex Obenhofer, QB/DB; Jake Apthorpe, TE/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Dan Hart, QB; Ryan Olivo, RB/DB; Evan Quackenbush, WR/DE.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Our offensive line will carry us as far as we can go with four players returning on the the O-line. Size and experience at that position is what we'll hang our hat on. Dan Hart, sophomore quarterback has gotten better and better each day throughout the sophomore. Our skill guys are young and inexperienced. We will need them to play well early.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division 2
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 0-8
    COACH/YEAR: Dan Fichter/1st year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Myles Nicholas, Sr., LB; Tyler Marciano, Sr., LB; Dominick Brown, Sr., WR; Antonio McIntyre, Jr., RB; Christian Shafer, Sr., WR; Jeramy Brown, Sr., RB; Cameron Rohr, So., OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Cameron Shafer.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Sean Mannion, So., QB; Terrance Whaley, Jr., C/LB; Dylan Harrington, Jr., Dylan Harrington; Jamel Young, Jr., OL/DL; DJ Walker, Jr., WR/FS.
    Page 7 of 12 - DEFENSIVE STYLE: Multiple
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We are a team with a lot of talented young players in critical spots with plenty of speed and enthusiasm. Keys for us will be leadership and our Special Teams play.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class D/Finger Lakes West
    COACH/YEAR: Randy Wadhams/6th year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 2-6, Didn't qualify for sectionals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Nick Fera, Jr., QB/DB; Shawn C. Morris, Sr., RB/LB; Jonathan Welch, Jr., OL/DL; Justin Olson, Sr., OL/DL; Ace Spencer, Sr., OL/DL; Allen Clemson, Sr., TE/LB; Kyle Alexanian, Sr., RB/LB.
    KEY LOSSES: Alex Musolino, RB/LB; Jake Kehoe, TE/DE; Mareese Wells, RB/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Nicholas Almekinder, Jr., RB/LB; Lane Bailey, Jr., OL/DL; Andrew Cook, So., OL/DL; Sam Cook, Jr., WR/DB; Tristen Devlin, So., WR/DB; Shawn M. Morris, So., OL/DL; Kyle Roedts, So., OL/DL; Shaxier Roque, Jr., WR/DB.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class C, Finger Lakes West
    COACH/YEAR: Matt Silco/3rd year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 1-7, Didn't qualify for playoffs
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Matt Hall, Sr., OL/DL; Garrett Robinson, Sr., OL/DL; Rhen Grover, Sr., DE; Wyatt DeCann, Sr., LB; Devante Evans, Sr., WR/DB; Tate Mangiarelli, So., RB/LB.
    KEY LOSSES: Ben Tomion, RB/LB/DE; Tyler Dancause, RB/WR/DB/K; Jack Donahue, WR/DB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Lane Brown, Sr., RB/LB; Ben Sennett, Sr., WR/DB
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Every year we expect to be competitive in our league and be in a position to compete for a league title. This year we are looking to rely on our veteran players to bring us to that level.
    COACH/YEAR: Dan Bates/First Year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 5-4/Lost to Eastridge in Class A semifinals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: John Vandn Brul, Sr., QB; Mark Nozzi, Sr., QB; Will Mahar, Sr., WR/K; Miles Powe, Sr., OT/DE; Cole Purpura, Sr., FB/LB; Dave D'Angelo, Sr., RB/DB; Zach Poudrier, Jr., FB/LB; Josh Moore, Sr., OG/DT; Clement Lewis, Sr., LB.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: "We have a great bunch of young men, and we have put together a good coaching staff. We are going to be really inexperienced on the offensive and defensive line, but we have two good quarterbacks. We have motivation to get back and play at (Sahlen's Stadium) for sectionals."
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Finger Lakes East
    COACH/YEAR: John Lombardi/5th year
    Page 8 of 12 - 2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 1-7, Didn't qualify for sectionals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Ralph Mateo, Sr., RB/DL; Nick Fisher, Jr., DL/OL; Sam Pierce, Jr., DL/WR; Ty Jensen, Sr., OL/DL; Nestor Naranjo, Sr., OL/DL; Mason Jones, Sr., RB/DB.
    KEY LOSSES: Tyler Smith, OL/LB; Collin Fox, RB/DB; Cody Maher, RB/DB; Cam Colacino, OL/DL.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Alex Hassem, Jr., WR/DB; Joe Newland, Jr., RB/LB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Run first
    DEFENSIVE STYLE: Four-man front
    COACH'S COMMENTS: I expect that the kids will work hard as a team. That we will be competitive and ready to play on game night.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class C/Finger Lakes West
    COACH/YEAR: Mike Miller/5th year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 5-3/lost in first round of sectionals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Chris Plate, Jr., RB/LB; Dan Bruder, Sr., OL/DL; Carlos Pena-Alicea, Sr., OL/DL; Gino Pirozzolo, Jr., OL/LB; Taylor Elliott-Roggie, Sr., OL/DL; Matthias Jones, Jr., RB/DB; Austin Bannister, Jr., OL/LB.
    KEY LOSSES: Brandon Passalacqua, RB/DB; Mike Millis, RB/LB; Aaron Peterman, RB/LB; Tim Trickler, RB/DB; Connor Miller, TE/DE.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Liam Caraher, Jr., QB/DB; Cole Fletcher, Sr., RB/DB; Jared Coffey, Sr., TE/DE; Adam Zwick, Sr., RB/DB; Tyler Hubbard, Jr., WR/DB.
    DEFENSIVE STYLE: Multiple fronts
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We have an inexperienced backfield and secondary, but should be competitive.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Finger Lakes East
    COACH/YEAR: Mike McGavisk/19th year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 6-3, lost to ER/Gananda in semifinals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Micah Wright, Sr., WR/DB; Alec Otero, Sr., WR/DB; Phil Tack, Sr., QB/DB; Jaymee Rosser, Sr., WR/DE; Ben Gardner, Sr., OL/DE; Sidney Conner, Sr., LB;
    Collin Shelanskey, Sr., LB.
    KEY LOSSES: Matt Blair, OL/DL; Cody Cornelius, OL/DL; Travon Wilson, WR/DB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS Ronell Rooks, Jr., RB.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: This team has some players with big play capability. We are rebuilding the offensive and defensive lines. The Reds lost two first team all-league tackles.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Finger Lakes East
    COACH/YEAR: Steve Sanzo/5th year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 3-4, lost in first round of sectionals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Stephen Morrell, Sr., QB.
    KEY LOSSES: Jacob Bleier, RB; Cody Bourgeois, LB; Josh Lennon, WR.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Devin Soliday, RB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: I Formation
    Page 9 of 12 - COACH'S COMMENTS: Pal-Mac Is going to be a young team, with only five seniors participating. But, the underclassmen have a lot of game-time experience due to playing in several varsity games last year.v
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Monroe County Division 3
    COACH/YEAR: Greg Geesler/3rd year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 1-8, did not qualify
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Jake Paladino, Jr., QB; Trent Maurer, Sr., WR/DB; Triloni Salmon, So., WR/DB; Jake Hewitt, Jr., TE; Jarid Goebel, Sr., LG/DE; Charlie Andres, FB/LB; Mason Cross, RT/NG.
    KEY LOSSES: Nick Kimmins, RB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Brandon Buse, So., WR; Cole Guest, So., OL/DE; Jack Hartnett, So., FB/LB; Mike Argentieri, Jr., RB/DB; Ted Thresh, Jr., OL/DL; Jackson Smith, Jr., C/LB; Brian McCandless, Jr., WR/DB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Multiple set, pro-style
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Offensively, we need to block and establish the running game, and tackle and get hats to the ball, defensively. Despite the fact we are younger this year, we are more athletic. Team is becoming more competitive and confident; looking to take the next step.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Monroe County Division 1
    COACH/YEAR: Keith Molinich/7th Year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 8-2, Lost to Aquinas in the Class AA finals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Mac Atkins, Sr., WR; Charlie Shuman, Sr., OL; Sam Ignaczak, Sr., OL; Whit Knickerbocker, Sr., TE/LB; Brandon Barker, Jr., FS/FB; Bryce Genier, Sr., DL; Colton Cuifo, Sr., RB; Maleka Gunawardena, Sr., DB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Jack Wallman, Jr., QB; Stephen Rhodes, Jr., RB; Jesse Connors, Jr., WR/TE; Brady Hoyt, Jr., SS; Tom O'Grady, Jr., C.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Power run game
    DEFENSIVE STYLE: Blitzing/attacking style
    COACH'S COMMENTS: This is a great bunch of young men. The players have worked extremely hard over the spring and summer months looking forward to a competitive year.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class DD, Finger Lakes West
    COACH/YEAR: Marc Vitticore/2nd year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 8-1, Lost in Section 5 championship game
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Michael Newcomb, Sr., OL/DL; Glenn Austin, Jr., OL/DL; Kory Fogarty, Jr., RB/S; Andrew Ogrodowski, Jr., LB; Ethan Bretz, Sr., RB/LB; Ryan Sadler, Sr., TE/LB; Nick Liberati, Sr., OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Cyrus Baker, RB/LB; Matthew Skinner, OL/DL; Shane Coyne, RB/LB; Denver Hansen, OL/DL; Torrance Coleman, DL; Tyler Liberty, QB/CB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Sam Abott, Jr., OL/DL; Matt Peek, Jr., OL/DL; Matt Thompson, Jr., OL/DL; Patrick Smith-Labombard, Jr., OL/DL; Sean Sheets, So., RB/CB; Lee Perry, Jr., QB
    Page 10 of 12 - OFFENSIVE STYLE: Balanced
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We expect to compete for every game.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA/Monroe County Division I
    COACH/YEAR: Joe Montesano/9th Year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 8-1/Lost to Aquinas in Class AA semifinals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: John Fecik, Jr., LB; Dekwon Wilson, Soph., TB; Jared Gerbino, Soph., QB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Fardan Allen, Jr., RB/LB; Todd LaRocca, Soph., WR/DB; Jojo Ortiz, Soph., WR/DB.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: "Looking forward to building a new team. Many new faces with the graduation of 31 seniors provides our players with the opportunity to compete each day and earn spots. Positive practice habits will be key for us to improve on a daily basis. Gerbino and Wilson are tremendous athletes for sophomores."
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class DD, Finger Lakes West
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 0-7
    COACH/YEAR: Dustin Coleman/2nd Year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Jordan Morgan, Jr., RB/LB; Eric Dresser, Jr., QB; Ed Murray, Sr., OL; Dan Steele, Jr., LG; Ben Clise, Sr., RT; Nick Wyckoff, Jr., TE/DE; Tim Heitmann, OL/DL.
    KEY LOSSES: Jesse Wickham, RB/LB; Josh Symanski, QB/LB; TJ Brock, OL/DL; Kyle Percy, FB/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Marshall Worden, Fr., RB/WR/LB; Chance Vancleef, Sr., FB/LB; Luke Macintosh, So., WR/DE; Blake Antal, Sr., WR/DB; Shawn Aho, Fr.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: I formation, run first
    COACH'S COMMENTS: I am expecting us to come out and fight hard each game this season. Again, we will have to be in better shape than the competition, but my guys are up for it. We need to get a couple of wins under our feet and gain momentum toward the second half of our schedule. Rebuilding a program takes hard work, and patience. We are ready.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division II
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 6-2, Lost to McQuaid in Sectionals
    COACH/YEAR: John Dowd/3rd year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Trent Egenlauf, RB/DB; David Meyer, OL/DL; Mike Huffman, OL/DL; Brian Gerringer, QB; Dave Keiling, OL/LB; Brett Renzi, TE/LB/K; Miles McCollough, LB; Eric Zemaitis, CB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Geoff Dear, RB/DB; Derrick Jennings, RB; Christian O'Connor, TE/DE; Lucien Brisson, OL/DL; Zach Concepcion, RB/LB.
    COACH'S COMMENT: I am very excited about this group of seniors and our team as a whole for the upcoming 2013 season. Last year our program turned the corner going 6-2 and hosting a playoff game. This year our expectations have increased and we are hoping to not only make the playoffs but begin to contend for championships. The kids have worked very hard to transform the football program at Spencerport and need to continue to do so in the future.
    Page 11 of 12 - VICTOR BLUE DEVILS
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class A, Monroe County Division 2
    COACH/YEAR: Geoff Mandile/3rd year
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 6-2; Lost to Canandaigua in Class A Quarterfinals
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Mike Wagner, Jr., QB, David Cardillo, Sr., DB/WR, Conor Powers, Sr., WR/DB, Ben Klei, Sr., OL/DL, Evan Hernandez, Sr., OL/DL, Luke Bleier, Sr., WR, Sam Byassee, Jr., WR/DB, Joe Carrier, Jr., RB/LB, Kyle Collins, Sr., LB/FB, Nick Montemorano, Jr., DB/RB, Mike Kahovec, Sr., RB/LB, Sami Ali, Jr., OL/DL, Luke Bartkoski, Sr., DB/WR
    KEY LOSSES: Tommy Wagner, RB; Cash Bleier, TE/DL; Pat Donohoe, OL/DL; Mike Mintel, OL/DL; Alex Cain, OL/DL.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Alec DeCarlo, Jr., WR/DB, Jake Anderson, Jr., WR/DB, Tristan Yates, Jr., OL/DL, Jake Post, Jr., DL, Austin Kunick, Jr., OL/DL, Connor Sharkey, Jr., OL/DL, Dan Barrow, So., QB/DB, Pat Barrow, So., RB/DB, Jack Callahan, So., DB/WR, Mike DeMarco, So., QB/DB, Zac Lefebvre, So., TE/DL
    COACH'S COMMENTS: It's a new league, so I'm not really sure. We open with Churchville, who looks very good on tape from 2012. Week two versus Spencerport, who was 7-1 last year. There will be no easy games in our division. If we stay healthy we'll be in every game.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Finger Lakes East
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 3-4, lost to Newark in quarterfinals
    COACH/YEAR: Ralph Ellison/18th Year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Kyle O'Brien, OL/D/L; Jakuar Ali, RB; Patrick Sobus, QB; Mike Deal, LB; Mike Perchetti, LB; Jordan Hamilton.
    KEY LOSSES: Matt O'Brien, Rudy Bertino, Scott Dunham, Charlie Eshenour, Steven Gordner, Jametrius Lewis, Brad Steinruck, Austin Clingerman, Doug Deal, Tim Wright, Alex Anderson.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: We need to develop depth at a lot of positions to be competitive In the Finger Lakes East division.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class B, Finger Lakes East
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 4-5, lost in Connors and Ferris Bowl Championship
    COACH/YEAR: David Marean/9th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Justin Morrison, Sr., RB/LB; Kyle Gallo, Sr., RB/LB; Tim Mascari, Jr., DL/OL; Trevor Wilcox, Sr., TE/DE; Tommy Goebel, Sr., WR/DB; Mark Lomedico, Sr., OL/DL; Mike Hollenbeck, Sr., QB/WR.
    KEY LOSSES: Greg Martino, QB; DJ Seitz, DB; Cody Herman, WR; Sammy Desiato, WR.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Nate Currier, So., QB/LB; Brandon Sills, So., LB/OL; Joe Dellolio, Jr., WR/LB; Eli Postelwaite, Jr., OL/DL.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Spread No-Huddle Offense
    Coach's Comment: We are looking to get back on track of our winning ways. We have a very dedicated senior group that has good leadership. We also have some young guys coming up from JV that should contribute early.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Monroe Division 1
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 4-5
    COACH/YEAR: Kali Watkins/ 4th Season
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: Michael Joiner, Zach Withers, Kyle Sofia, Jake Whiteford, Damon Neill, Brett Zilliox, Jacob Bogert, Andrew Bardusch, Ryan Harris, Will Blake, Billy VanAppeldorn.
    KEY LOSSES: Earl Blackmon, Jake Guy, Chris Perez.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Bam Akinniyi, RB/WR; Brett Segala, QB; Brandon Gartland, WR; Charlie Leone, OL/DL.
    COACH'S COMMENTS: The Warriors underwent tough but inspiring off-season. The heart of this team beats with the senior class and they have a renewed outlook on family/unit pride. It's a joy to come to practice and watch this team embrace all the good that comes from this game.
    CLASS/LEAGUE: Class AA, Monroe County Div 1
    2012 RECORD/PLAYOFFS: 3-5, 1st round sectional loss to R-H
    COACH/YEAR: Scott Deuschle, 12th year
    KEY RETURNING PLAYERS: David Angie, Rec/DB; Hayden Maltese, RB/LB; Steven Zaccardo, RB/DB; Anthony Zona, OL/DL; Jason Indovina, OL/LB.
    KEY LOSSES: TJ Syracusa, OL/DL; Adam Schempp, REC/DB; Max Kowal, TE/DE; Tyler Carges, REC/DB; Alex Armstrong, RB/DB; Jack Bezek RB/LB.
    KEY NEWCOMERS: Alex Hutchings, REC/DB; Yousif Shwetar, OL/DE; Sam Greenlee, REC/DB; Ryan Flynn, REC/DB; Patrick LeMoine, REC/DB.
    OFFENSIVE STYLE: Spread & multiple
    COACH'S COMMENTS: Many players in new roles and positions but our returners are solid players. Excited about this group — great work ethic and team chemistry developing.
    Editor's Note: Penn Yan did not respond to requests for team information
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