NEWARK — Plans to alter the drive-through and add an outside eating area at Dunkin Donuts were approved by the Newark Village Planning Board on Thursday, Aug. 29.
Alfred LaRue, of McMahon LaRue Associates, P.C., went before the Planning Board on behalf of Luis Ribeiro, co-owner of 22 Dunkin Donuts stores in the Rochester region, including the store at 246 E. Union St. (Route 31) in the village. LaRue presented plans to alter the drive-through lane at the Newark location, diverting customers to a new entrance at the site where the old Newark Diner was located. Former diner owner Jim McBride sold the parcel to Dunkin Donuts after the Larkin District in Buffalo purchased the Sterling-brand diner and hauled it away in May.
The plans presented to the Planning Board show expanded blacktop parking of 13 additional spaces. The 20-foot wide drive-through access lane will allow entrance at the eastern-most end of the site with four more parking spaces to the right and access to new parking on the left. Just outside the front of the store, Dunkin Donuts owners are proposing a patio area where customers can dine.
The current entrance will remain available for customers using the parking lot.
The drive-through change is expected to alleviate congestion during busy times at the restaurant, where customers are often forced to wait in line on Route 31, causing traffic problems. Code Enforcement Officer Mark Peake said the changes are welcome and will make the area safer.
It could not be confirmed when the alterations would begin. State approval is necessary for the planned curb cuts the alterations require before construction can begin.