NEWARK — For its outstanding efforts in helping make certain children — and their families — in Newark don’t go hungry, the Newark Food Closet was given Newark Central School District’s “Friend of Education” award Aug. 29.
The award is given annually to someone, or in this case, an organization that goes the extra mile to support Newark education. Superintendent Matt Cook said the school district could have no better partner in helping to fulfill its mission to educate and help every child succeed than the charitable agency that provides food to those in need in our community.
Cook said children cannot learn when they are hungry, nor can parents help their children do their very best in school, if they are worried about how they are going to put food on their tables.
Joanne DePauw who is co-coordinator of the Newark Food Closet with Dolly Velte graciously accepted the award that is given annually at the opening assembly of the Superintendent’s Conference Day for district staff that precedes the opening of school.
The inscription on the plaque reads “For your continuous support of students and staff of our district. You are such a wonderful asset to our schools and community. Your organization provides the necessary nourishment to so many of our families and engages many of our educational groups in community service. We appreciate your help and support.”
DePauw thanked Cook, but quickly expressed heartfelt thanks to the NCSD for the amount of food drives and fundraisers it holds annually to benefit the food closet.
“What a wonderful lesson to the children to learn how to give,’’ DePauw said, noting 500 families have been served since Jan. 1 and 40 of them were just recently.
A food drive to benefit the Newark Food Closet began Aug. 29 at Newark schools and will continue until Sept. 6.