In July, 91males and 27 females (118 total) were committed to the jail facility, 108 transports, 8,975 inmate meals were served and $63,076 was collected from 53 inmates released on bail. Inmates worked a total of 1,175 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service.
The Jail Facility boarded in 15 inmates (9 from Oswego and 6 immigration detainees from the Batavia Federal Detention Center), and 6 inmates were state ready for transfer to state prison.
Court Security Officers cleared 3,996 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing 80 weapons (knives, razors, and scissors). Deputies traveled 96,623 miles on patrol, investigating 107 motor vehicle accidents with 16 injured, 6 missing persons, 19 animal complaints, 1,983 miscellaneous complaints, 582 minor crimes, 20 major crimes and 26 fires totaling 2,743 complaints received. Deputies issued 373 traffic tickets, 17 DWIs and made 196 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests.
The Records Office processed 64 pistol permit applications, 34 pistol permit amendments requiring a Brady Check and registered 14 sex offenders. The Civil Office served 122 legal papers and 91 Family Court orders, handled 11 evictions, received $103,806.68 and paid out $101,937.24 to creditors. $13,911.09 was remitted to County Treasurer Thomas Warnick for the County’s General Fund.
— Barry Virts, Wayne County sheriff