MACEDON A village is more than a village it is a mindset. The curious would ask, "What in the dickens (probably using stronger words here) is she talking about? The adventuresome would say, "Where is my place in this ongoing experience" and the creative geniuses would say, "Where, and how much and where can I give to make this village shine, shine, shine?" All three are important when it comes to discerning "village" and to those in the know, the best is yet to be!
Several new businesses have opened on Main Street, and what a welcome sight they are. Many have come to join us in our celebrations, and the latest one was at the Macedon Canal Park, blessed with several special guests as everyone gathered to dedicate the new mural. The day was a lovely one near to being perfect. People came from all directions to honor the Elmer Clark Family whose special image appears on this mural. Early fire equipment, the original Herendeen barn, Indian Charlie plus his amazing woven baskets and early picture of his cabin, a canal boat, two fine mules and scattered butterflies flittering all over the mural are there to enjoy. White clouds, blue skies and the look of prosperity are the wonderful images, which are being shown.
For those who haven't had a chance to see it, it is on the Macedon Fire Department's pavilion right next to their building in the park. Money was raised, unselfishly matched by Kitty VanBortel of VanBortel Chevrolet and we were able to create a summertime opportunity for our fine artist, Dawn Jordan. The Genesee Land Trust group and Trail Works were the honored guests, bringing with them an eve trough yes, a real trough filled with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped by whipped cream, sprinkles, mixed colored M&M's and chocolate syrup. The trough was almost the entire width of the pavilion filled to the brim with goodness. Everyone picked up their dishes and a spoon, eagerly filling and enjoying to their hearts' content.
It is said that miracles do happen. Despite any rumors to the contrary, those who believe in the value of a village continue to go forth building a new wave of potential, and nurturing the wonder of a true neighborhood where people really do know your name. Residents continue to gather, celebrating the Butterfly & Nature Trail and other amazing things that are happening, and anyone who would like to have an active part in this beautiful transformation, may come down to the Village Pride meeting every first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at Books, ETC. Call John at (585) 474-4116 for information.
Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres' Serenity Chapel