PALMYRA — Palmyra-Macedon School Superintendent Bob Ike presented a plaque recognizing the support the Palmyra Police Department has shown the school district.
“The recognition is for the service of the police as an integral partner to the school district,” Ike said. “Local police agencies serve as a resource to school staff and leaders and generally counsel middle and high school students who have violated the law, and often parents are also included.”
Ike presented the plaque to Police Chief Dave Dalton, officers and village officials at last Monday night’s meeting on Sept. 9. Mayor Chris Piccola said Ike, who has served as the district’s superintendent for the past seven years now, approached the board with the idea and the desire to make a special presentation to the department. The village offices were happy help Ike make the necessary plans, Piccola added.
“I think that the police department is very important in our school district,” the mayor said. “They really do a great job.”
Ike said the district works a number of police agencies, including, Palmyra, New York state police, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the Macedon Police Department, to safeguard students. The proximity of the Palmyra Police Department and Macedon officers, Ike said, affords the district the opportunity to work more directly with local police, building relationships that serve the whole community.
“With our primary purpose being education, the local police departments are active in our educational program, providing training and guidance, and are also active members of the District’s Safety Team,” Ike said. “Local law enforcement officers are active participants in safety drills in our schools, provide surveillance of our buildings, and set up speed notification systems to alert drivers as to limits within school zones and on school property.”
It is this extensive work and the department’s sharing of their particular knowledge, Ike said, especially on the district’s safety committee, that prompted Ike to recognize officers “for their efforts to support safety education in the schools as well as service to the school community.”
Dalton was unavailable for comment.
Ike will be at the Macedon Town Board meeting later this month to recognize the Macedon Police Department, as well, he added.