Nick Amatulli takes over as Athletic Director for the Reds.

To say Nick Amatulli loves sports is an understatement.
Throughout his entire 29 years of teaching spanish in the Newark Central School District, he’s been involved in coaching  15 years in modified and JV football and 15 years in modified, JV and varsity baseball. He’s also coached at the college level as an assistant baseball coach at FLCC for the last 15 years and has officiated Section 5 varsity girls basketball games over the last 20 years.
So when he learned of an opening for a Teacher on Special Assignment  full-time athletic director, he “thought long and hard” about whether he wanted to begin his 30th year teaching spanish or apply for the athletic director position.  After much consideration, he decided on the latter and on Aug. 21 the Board of Education approved his one-year appointment.
“I’ve been involved in athletics my entire life and I’m very fortunate to have this wonderful new challenge,’’ he said. “I am very happy and very excited and am looking forward to a great year for Newark on and off the field.” 
Having Amatulli function as a full-time athletic director is a big change for Newark. Mike Canale was hired in 1990 to be the full-time director of health, physical education and athletics, but that position was reduced to part-time in 2003 when he became a part-time assistant principal at the high school. After he retired in 2007, Greg Herbst, who was hired to be an assistant principal at the high school, also functioned as the district’s part-time director of health, physical education and athletics up until recently. He will remain the assistant principal at Newark Middle School.
 "Nick has jumped into this position with both feet and has already handled himself as a seasoned athletic director,” superintendent Matt Cook said. “He listens, is thoughtful, student-centered and wants the best for the Newark athletic program. He knows these are student-athletes and with his background as an outstanding teacher, the emphasis is where it should be; on the kids being students first."