A CHEER ... to government cooperation. Highway crews from around Wayne County pitched in to help the Town of Arcadia finish a new section of the Erie Canal trail that links Newark and Lyons.
Because of design challenges, a section of the new trail had to be built as part of an adjacent highway; thus tons of materials were needed to widen the road to create a space for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. That’s where the multiple-municipality effort proved valuable, as various town highway trucks hauled in the material needed to widen the stretch. Arcadia Highway Superintendent Dave Harder said an intermunicipal agreement allows town departments to work together on projects when the need arises. “It’s a gentleman’s agreement,” said Harder. “We’re not talking dollars and cents. It’s about getting the job done.”
A ribbon-cutting will be held this Thursday, Oct. 3 to celebrate the trail’s opening.
A CHEER ... to a campaign launched by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and transportation leaders to curb the growing problem of texting while driving.
The state Thruway and other New York highways will feature “text stops” to encourage drivers to stay off their phones while operating cars.
The “It Can Wait” initiative follows a law signed by Cuomo in the summer that boosts the penalty for texting while driving from three to five points. He also signed a bill that increases license suspension and revocation periods for young and new drivers convicted of distracted driving.
While the efforts won’t stop everyone from continuing this dangerous practice, it could deter some and save lives in the process.