For over 10 years, young Stacey Bolger operated a small fruit and vegetable roadside stand with the support of his parents at their Pittsford home.
What started as a second-grade project evolved into a community institution, a place where the RTA bus driver would stop at the end of his route to pick up a pint of tomatoes or family friends would stop for a weekly supply of corn. When Bolger graduated from Pittsford-Sutherland High School in 2009, the stand was closed as he left the community he knew and loved for college.
Now, at age 22, Bolger has temporarily reopened Stacy’s Stand once more as “The Stand Against Cancer,” a fall fundraiser for the Wilmot Cancer Center, where Bolger’s father is currently being treated for his second Lymphoma diagnosis. With the support of White’s Farm Market in Bloomfield, the stand is selling pumpkins, squash, gourds and cornstalks through October 30.
“The wonderful care that Wilmot is providing my father with has been a huge factor in his ability to stay positive and upbeat throughout this whole process,” says Bolger. “It has caused me to fully realize what a hugely positive impact this Center as well as many others like it have on families across the country.” Bolger hopes to raise between $1500 and $2000 for the Wilmot Cancer Center in the next month.
“Over the years, my father has given much to the community through his efforts coaching, volunteering, and just being a friendly, upbeat guy,” says Bolger. “Now, our community is giving back to him.”
Bolger’s father, Bruce Bolger, a lifelong community volunteer, is the owner of Autoworks in Mendon. Bruce underwent a splenectomy at the Wilmot Cancer Center after his first lymphoma diagnosis in June of 2012. Though he went into remission in late November, he was diagnosed again with a new, more severe form of Lymphoma last July.
Bolger’s mother, Patty, is proud to support her son’s efforts with the stand. “It means how much he loves and cares for his father and me,” she admits tearfully. “He has done so much and we are very proud of him wanting to do this.”
The stand is open daily on an honor system at 191 S. Main Street, Pittsford, 14534. All proceeds of the stand will be going towards Cancer research and care at Wilmot Cancer Center.
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