PALMYRA — Visitors from everywhere head to Historic Palmyra’s five Museums. The first group was the Road Scholars on Sept. 19 for a three hour visit. Headed by Elaine Chu this group of folks travel to many parts of the United States and this past week it was the Erie Canal. Heading by bus throughout the National Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor the entire tour took about 8 days. After the amazing visit to our local museums the Cornhill Navigation’s Sam Patch docked at the Port of Palmyra and the folks loaded up for the Western end of the Erie. “We’ll talk about another tour next year” said Elaine Chu. The Road Scholars have many trips and you can check them out on their web site. This program had been in the works for three years with Rick Rivers of Canal NY originally alerting Historic Palmyra.
The next group heading to Historic Palmyra was the Australian Rotary Exchange folks. These 20 folks from down under arrived at the museums on Monday, Sept. 23 at 1 p.m. They began at the Palmyra Historical Museum, the first stop on Historic Palmyra’s History Trail, followed by the Erie Canal Depot, Palmyra Print Shop and the William Phelps General Store and home, ending at the Alling Coverlet Museum. What an amazing event and these folks were totally impressed with our incredible museums and history. Rotarian Mark Clement headed up this group and tour guide Steve Hays showed them a great time.
This past week began the tours of the 4th and 5th grades of the Pal-Mac Intermediate School located in Macedon. Each day between 30-45 children and teachers toured all museums. With four guides and plenty of interesting history they all learned history that history is fun with hands on activities. The last of their group came to the museums on Tuesday, Oct. 1. This was part of the Ticket To Ride Program which Historic Palmyra is one of eight museums participating. Any other school groups may call Historic Palmyra at 597-6981 to participate in this initiative from the National Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor. It is a great benefit to all schools to participate on these field trips.
Last, but not least, four people from Switzerland arrived speaking German and French wanting to experience the early days of this frontier town through the artifacts and history held on our History Trail. It was an incredible visit learning about our Swiss friends and showing them a bit of our history. Life is busy at the Historic Palmyra’s museums.