PALMYRA Gene Bavis, Walworth Town Historian, will speak on Oct. 17 about "Reading the Landscape: Architecture and Other Clues to the Past".
He is a charter member and trustee of the Walworth Historical Society, a trustee of the Hoffman Foundation and Chair of the Walworth Planning Board. He believes, "The landscape gives us many clues to the past. If we pretend we are CSI or Sherlock Holmes, we can uncover visual clues to the past."
The group will be looking at the progression of architectural styles, signs, vegetation patterns, unique landscape patterns and miscellaneous man-made structures to see how they might give us possible clues to what existed many years ago.
Come join the group at the Palmyra Village Hall, 144 E. Main St., Palmyra at 7 p.m., and learn how buildings, cemeteries, and trails in Wayne County help everyone to understand the history of the county.