MACEDON/PALMYRA — The Salvation Army is looking for local volunteers to help out residents in the communities of Palmyra and Macedon.
Two types of volunteers are needed. The first is to lead the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign in either town. The person is responsible for finding local volunteers to ring the bell at a local storefront during the Christmas season. This is a short-term volunteer position that brings much-needed funds to the community.
All funds raised in each town are used only to support residents in that town. For the past few years, there have been limited Red Kettle campaigns in Palmyra and Macedon. A local volunteer coordinator would increase participation which would result in more funds for the local community. The Salvation Army secures the location for the kettle.
The second opportunity is to issue vouchers to local residents in need throughout the year. This person would be given a set of criteria to determine what circumstances are eligible for support, and vouchers to issue to the person in need. The Salvation Army arranges for the places where vouchers can be used, such as local motels and stores. Requests for the vouchers are not numerous and mostly surface during the winter when people have a hard time meeting their heating bills, or when there is a local emergency, such as a fire.
“The Salvation Army does the work of finding resources and putting processes in place, and we meet with these volunteer leaders to answer their questions and make the process as simple as possible for them,” said Rod Ballengee, Divisional Field Representative of the Salvation Army. “But we need people in the area to help us get funds and resources to local residents. There are people in Palmyra and Macedon who could use our help, but we can’t reach them without local volunteer coordinators like we have in place in other towns in Wayne County.”
To volunteer for either position, contact Ballengee at (716) 498-2439 or