Ontario County has 67 percent of homeowners registered; Monroe, 64 percent; Wayne, 61 percent

The New York State Tax Department announced today that more than half of the eligible homeowners in New York State have registered for their Basic STAR exemptions.

More than 2.6 million homeowners are receiving the Basic STAR exemption and saving an average of $700. Last year, a Tax Department study identified thousands of property owners who were receiving more than one STAR exemption on multiple properties.

The registration program – the first of its kind in the 15-year life of the program – facilitates Governor Cuomo's initiative to protect homeowners from fraud and waste.

"More than 1.3 million homeowners have used our fast and easy registration process to ensure they don't lose their STAR exemptions," said Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Thomas H. Mattox. "If you haven't registered yet, we encourage you to register today."

Commissioner Mattox reminded homeowners that they must register with New York State even though they initially applied for Basic STAR with their local assessors.

Counties range from 31% to 68%

Albany and Saratoga Counties top the list of counties, with more than two-thirds of Basic STAR recipients registered.

Upstate, where STAR Registration letters were received earlier, three counties are just clearing 50% - Sullivan (51%), Delaware (52%) and Essex (52%) Counties.

Ontario County is at 67%; Monroe, 64% and Wayne, 61%.

Downstate percentages rate as high as 48% in Nassau County, with letters having gone out only recently.