Who is Chief Henry Hilborn? If you don’t know or even if you do, come to the Historic Palmyra Cemetery Walk on Oct. 18 and 19 with two shows both nights 6:30 and 8 p.m. at the Village of Palmyra Cemetery, Vienna Street entrance.
How about Edwin Lewis Jessup and Pliny T. Sexton, do you know who these folks are? Edwin Lewis Jessup was a young boy, a minor to us today, a mere 17 years old who couldn’t wait to head to the Civil War. He was the last of five children alive and his mother and father were both concerned and hesitant letting him to go to war. But, when a young man gets a passion for patriotism, there isn’t much that will stop him. Edwin went into the Civil War in 1863 in the 111th New York Volunteers. The first battle he fought in was none other than Gettysburg, a three day battle from July 1 through July 3, 1863, that took the lives of many older and younger; and Edwin was among those that died. He didn’t die instantly but received injuries and lingered another 19 days. It was certainly a sad day for his parents. Now, all their five children had died. It certainly seemed that life was not fair for the Jessup’s.
What of Pliny T. Sexton a generous banker and benefactor of many things to the people and Village of Palmyra. Pliny T. lived in an apartment at the bank he loved with his wife Harriet. Pliny T. was a friend to everyone and a more generous man couldn’t be found. His story is amazing and he will share it with you at the cemetery. You will also meet the Great Grandparents of a young man that changed the world.
Many folks ask if this is a scary tour; and I would say no, no more scary than being in a dark cemetery at night with the leaves rustling and the night sounds of unseen birds and animals surrounding you. Come and learn about 18 of Palmyra’s finest, well at least interesting and notable, but Palmyrans none the less. There is walking, so wear the proper shoes; and bring a flashlight to help.
Remember if the rain is coming down in buckets or the wind is howling beyond a breezy 25 miles per hours, then we will just have to head to Market Street and do our tours in the five museums. But, “I think I would rather be in the cemetery you say”, well I must say that the haunted museums of Historic Palmyra are incredible, can be creepy, and certainly have the atmosphere of as many dead as the cemetery. The only difference is the unseen may speak to you at the museums. Call 597-6981 for information and reservations.