NEWARK — The town of Arcadia has a new sewer district.
The Town Board approved the creation of a sewer district along Wood Lane that runs from Peirson Avenue to the Newark School District’s bus garage at its last board meeting on Oct. 8 — a project that cost the town nothing. Back in July, school officials requested approval from the board to run a sanitary sewer line in the town’s easement on the south side of Wood Lane. The project was part of the school district’s capital improvement project to replace the septic system at the bus garage. The sewer line hooks into the village sewer system lines at Peirson Avenue.
The school district provided connections in front of the five or six homes, as well as Woodlane Community Church, along Wood Lane at no expense to allow property owners to hook into the village sewer system, if they were interested. Cost to the property owner would include a hook-up fee from the village and the expense to install a line from the sewer pipe to their house. All that was needed was for the town to create a sewer district along Wood Lane.
A public hearing on the subject at the Oct. 8 meeting met with no resistance, although Supervisor Dick Colacino wasn’t surprised. The board had already met with property owners along Wood Lane, he said, to guage their interest in the sewer district a number of weeks ago. It was high interest from property owners that prompted the board to move forward with creating the district, Colacino said.The town needed interested property owners’ assessments to total at least 50 percent of the total assessments for all the properties in the district in order to create new sewer district, he added.
The line itself is the responsibility of the village to maintain, and property owners who hook up to the line will be billed by the village for sewer usage.