NEWARK — Do you want your family to learn how to live a healthier, and maybe even happier, life while you are having fun and and working together towards goals as a family? Would you like to be able to earn a $100 gift card as a bonus for your effort in this year-long program?*
If your answer was yes, then you should come to a free talk on “The Good Life” by Arun Nagpaul, M.D., Medical Director of Newark-Wayne Community Hospital on Wednesday, Oct. 23 from from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Cafeteria Conference room 1 at the hospital. At this program, Dr. Nagpaul will talk about what it takes to become healthier and happier and how your family can have fun while working towards your goals. He will talk about how nutrition plays a key role in your health and introduce the topic of “Weight Loss and Weight Control” as one of the first steps towards becoming healthier.
The Good Life, sponsored by the Wayne County Rural Health Network, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, is a free program that offers incentives, education and options for your family to become healthier. When your family signs-up, we will take important measurements of your weight, height and blood pressure as a baseline to help you track your success. We will also give you: a pedometer; tracking tools; information so that you and your family can choose how they will achieve your goals; and we will offer a series of classes to teach you, step-by-step, how to stay focused on your goals. Some of the classes will include: Portion Control; Menu planning; Staying Motivated While Losing Weight; Weight Loss Tips and Secrets; Desserts to Help You Stay Slim; and more.
The Good Life program was designed to be utilized by “family units” (including at least two individuals with at least one person over 18 years of age to qualify). For more information, call Emilie Sisson at the Wayne County Rural Health Network at 483-3266. The Wayne County Rural Health Network and The Good Life is funded by a grant from the NYS Department of Health, Office of Rural Health.
*After obtaining your family’s goals at the end of one year