Wearing a seat belt saves lives! Wayne County Public Health is encouraging teens to wear a seat belt at all times. National Teen Driver Safety week increases awareness of the importance of seat belt use - emphasizing the importance of not only wearing seat belts in the front at all times, but also in the back seat. Buckle up in every seating position, on every trip, no matter how long or short the drive.
Not using seat belts puts not only yourself, but everyone in the vehicle at risk. In a crash, unbelted back seat passengers can become back seat bullets, slamming into front seat occupants, seriously injuring themselves and others, even when buckled up. In 2010, an average of ten New Yorkers aged 16 and older who did not wear seatbelts while riding in the back seat were injured every day in car crashes. Research shows that during a head-on collision, an unbelted passenger involved in a sudden crash can move forward with the force of a young elephant, roughly 2,700 pounds.
Wayne County Public Health doesn’t want any teen to die needlessly in a car crash because they weren’t buckled up.