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  • What’s on ballot in Arcadia, Macedon, Marion, Newark Palmyra and Walworth

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  • Wayne County four-year terms
    Wayne County Sheriff Barry C. Virts
    Wayne County Clerk Michael P. Jankowski
    Arcadia all four-year terms
    Town Justice: Republican/Eagle Arthur Williams - unopposed
    Town Council two seats:
    Democratic/Star/Torch Joseph DeSanto
    Republican/Eagle Richard VanLaeken
    Republican/Eagle Michael Diamond
    Receiver of Taxes & Assessments: Republican/Eagle Sharon VerHeecke
    VILLAGE PROPOSITION NUMBER ONE: "Should the Village of Newark boundaries be amended to exclude the property located at 6007 Clark Road, which property is surrounded on all sides by properties in the Town of Arcadia and is not adjacent to nor benefitted by Village street or sidewalk improvements, electric lights, Village sewer or water, nor other additional benefit from being classified in the Village, so as to make the Village boundaries more equitable and consistent and to bring into greater conformity with the breadth of Village services and uniformity with surrounding parcels?"
    Lyons Town all four-year terms
    Supervisor: Republican/Eagle, Lyons Improvement/No Tax Brian D. Manktelow
    Town Clerk: Republican/Eagle, Lyons Improvement/No Tax Sal J. Colatarci
    Town Justice one seat:
    Democratic/Star Thomas G. Herendeen
    Republican/Eagle, Lyons Improvement/No Tax Richard C. Wunder
    Town Council two seats:
    Democratic/Star Sergei Bartishevich
    Democratic/Star John Paliotti
    Republican/Eagle, Lyons Improvement/No Tax Philip J. DeSain
    Republican/Eagle Nancy M. Collins
    Lyons Improvement/No Tax James E. Wedman
    Superintendent of Highways: Republican/Eagle, Lyons Improvement/No Tax Jake Emmel
    Lyons Village
    Mayor 1 seat:
    Democratic/Star John A. Cinelli
    Republican/Eagle Terry R. VanStean
    Trustee two seats:
    Democratic/Star Gene Palmer
    Democratic/Star Ben Harder
    Republican/Eagle Jim Blandino
    Republican/Eagle Richard A. Evangelist
    Trustee 1 seat, 2-year vacancy
    Republican/Eagle Sean Dobbins
    Macedon all four-year terms
    TOWN PROPOSITION NUMBER ONE "Shall the resolution of the Macedon Town Board dated August 8, 2013, which abolished the elected office of Town Superintendent of Highways and replaced it with the appointed position of Director of Public Works for the Town of Macedon, County of Wayne, be approved?"
    Town Justice: Republican/Eagle Thomas L. Crowley
    Town Council two seats
    Republican/Eagle David J. McEwen
    Republican/Eagle Cassandra Pagano
    Marion all four years (except supervisor)
    Supervisor two-year term: Republican/Eagle Monica S. Deyo
    Town Clerk: Republican/Eagle Deborah Smith
    Town Justice: Republican/Eagle Samuel J. Bonafede
    Town Council two seats
    Republican/Eagle Michael J. Fonte Jr.
    Republican/Eagle Nathan Kauffman
    Page 2 of 2 - Superintendent of Highways: Republican/Eagle, Voting Empowers Timothy A. Boerman
    Palmyra Town all four-year terms (except supervisor)
    TOWN PROPOSITION NUMBER ONE Shall the local law adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Palmyra on the 25th day of April of 2013, which changes the term of the elective office of the Town Supervisor from a two (2) year term to a four (4) year term, effective with the term beginning on January 1, 2016, be approved?
    Supervisor two years: Republican/Eagle, Palmyra First Kenneth Miller
    Town Justice: Republican/Eagle, Palmyra First Terry C. Rodman
    Town Council two seats:
    Republican/Eagle, Palmyra First David M. Nussbaumer
    Republican/Eagle, Palmyra First Todd J. Pipitone
    Palmyra Village
    Trustee 1-year vacancy: Republican/Eagle, Palmyra First Virginia Luke. This fills the seat for the final year left vacant by Chris Piccola after he was left mayor a year ago. Luke was appointed to a one-year term in January 2012 by Piccola. She is now seeking to be elected to the position for the final year.
    Walworth all four-year terms
    Supervisor 1 seat:
    Democratic/Star, Integrity First/Tree Dennis Landry
    Republican/Eagle, For Walworth's Future/S with Bird Patricia Marini
    Town Clerk
    Democratic/Star, Integrity First/Tree Susie Jacobs
    Republican/Eagle, For Walworth's Future/S with Bird Judy Dayton
    Town Justice: Republican/Eagle, For Walworth's Future/S with Bird Charles J. Young
    Town Council two seats:
    Democratic/Star, Integrity First/Tree Lou Villanova
    Democratic/Star, Integrity First/Tree Judy Markowski
    Republican/Eagle, For Walworth's Future/S with Bird Suzi Hawkins-Mance
    Republican/Eagle, For Walworth's Future/S with Bird Robert Plant
    Superintendent of Highways: Republican/Eagle, For Walworth's Future/S with Bird Michael J. Frederes
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