What will Obama’s apology do?
Will it make sure that all those losing their insurance now and in the days ahead get insurance they want at the same or lower rate than what they had? (When the employer mandate kicks in in 2014, it will drastically increase the number of people that lose their insurance.)
Will they be able to keep their doctors and their hospitals? Many doctors and hospitals will not accept the “Obamacare” card. Many people with diseases and other illnesses will lose their doctor they now have confidence in, which has a great effect on their recovery.
How many people will lose their jobs because of “Obamacare”? Insurance workers, doctors, nurses, people employed at hospitals, pharmacies; all people connected in some way with the health industry. What about those who refuse “Obamacare” insurance? Will they pay or not pay the penalty?
With the money our government has already spent on the failed “Obamacare,” they could have helped those who could not afford health insurance. If Americans were asked to send in $1 or $2 each to help people who cannot afford insurance, I’m sure they would, as Americans are caring, loving people. I was a registered Democrat for over 30 years; however, I am very, very disappointed in both parties and in the president. I don’t think that they have put the well-being of Americans first.
Josie Wheaton
Seneca Falls