Buffalo gets a rematch with New York and its tough defense.

The Buffalo Bills' offense struggled when they traveled to face the New York Jets back in week three.

Quarterback EJ Manuel played like a rookie, completing 19 of 42 passes for 243 yards and a touchdown; the run game struggled to gain yards; and Manuel was sacked eight times in a 27-20 loss.

Coming off a poor performance against Pittsburgh, the Buffalo offense will look to redeem itself against New York.

The Daily Messenger again asked Kristian Dyer, the Jets beat reporter for Metro New York, some questions about this year's New York team. He has covered the team since 2008.

Q: Geno Smith played well against Buffalo last time around. How would you evaluate his rookie year so far?

A: Very much of a mixed bag. At times he's been solid, including a week five performance in Atlanta where he emerged with a win and the AFC Offensive Player of the Week honor. But he also has struggled with reading defenses, forcing the ball into double coverage and being unsettled in the pocket.

The good news for Smith and the Jets is that their ground game has gotten better over the past few weeks. As such, it takes the pressure off him and he's simply asked to manage games.

Q: The Jets have some impressive wins and some ugly losses this year. Why is the team so inconsistent?

A: This is a team that lost five starters on defense and two key playmakers on offense this offseason. Growing pains are clearly an issue here, and coupled with a rookie quarterback this means that moving the ball is a challenge at times for the Jets. That places a heavy emphasis on the defense to play perfectly and in fact, be the playmaker in many games.

At 5-4, this team could be Wild Card bound. Remember, the Jets were picked by many media outlets to the be the worst team in the NFL, something that head coach Rex Ryan loves to point out.

But if they can run the ball, they can be an effective team. Ground out yards, move the sticks, play field position and let the defense make a difference. That was the formula in 2009 when the Jets made their first playoff run under Ryan and it might get them to the postseason this time. Might.

Q: Former Bill David Nelson joined the team earlier this season. What has he brought to the receiving corps?

A: Nelson has been solid for the Jets. He's the big-target wide receiver they needed and someone who isn't afraid to go over the middle. There is also a clear chip on his shoulder as well, something that might be a factor on Sunday.

Downfield, he's a very good blocker and this is an asset since the Jets are trying to run the ball more, as well as a quarterback in Smith who has mobility. All things considered, he's been a nice addition to the team.

Q: New York would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. Do you think Rex Ryan will be back next year?

A: Rex has exceeded expectations, including my own. This is a revamped team that is deeper than in years past but also much, much younger. After two straight seasons of missing the playoffs, this might be Ryan's best coaching job to date.

If he can get this team to finish 8-8, it will mean a contract extension for him.

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