NEWARK — The Newark Board of Education will be holding meetings, from time to time this school year, in different school buildings. It met at Lincoln School Oct. 16 and will meet at Kelley School on Dec. 18; Newark Middle School on March 19; and Perkins School on May 21.
The regular portion of the meeting begins at 7 p.m..
Before the Board meeting at each school, Board of Education members will conduct their annual tours of the school buildings.
Superintendent Matt Cook said the meeting at Lincoln School was “fantastic” and a “great experience for all of us.”
At least two thirds of the Lincoln teaching staff were in their rooms to greet Board members on their tour and answered any questions they may have had.
Principal Jeff Hamelinck led the school tour.
“I was really happy the Board had an opportunity to see more of what Lincoln School is doing,’’ he said.
At the meeting, Stephanie Joyce’s Pre-K students, and a few others, performed a “Good Morning Greeting” for the BOE to show members an example of a Responsive Classroom technique she uses. It’s part of the “Brain Boosters” program she uses first thing each morning to “jumpstart” her pupils thinking skills through song, dance and movement.
In the way of introduction of Joyce’s students’ performance, Hamelinck explained the history of Responsive Classroom at the elementary level and how it’s used daily.
Before the BOE meeting, Joyce invited, and taught, other Lincoln students who were going to attend, as well as their siblings to participate in the “Good Morning Greeting” with her class.
“So we had a true example of what it might look like in the classroom when you first start to teach a Responsive Classroom technique with some new friends,’’ Joyce said.
“We were very happy for the opportunity to host the Board of Education meeting at Lincoln School,” Hamelinck said. “It was very nice and a lot of staff attended. I look forward to when we will do it again.”