Continuing his strong commitment to our veterans, New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio announced today that he is co-sponsoring legislation (S.5953) that would allow veterans of the United States Armed Forces to add a veterans status to their current New York State driver’s license or non-drivers ID without charge.
Under a new State law, men and women who have served honorably in the United States Armed Forces are eligible to have a special veterans designation added to their driver’s license or non-drivers identification. There is no additional fee for veterans who ask for the special designation at the time of their driver's license or identification card renewal. There is, however, a $ 12.50 administrative fee for veterans who wish to add the designation before their license or identification card expire.
“We must support our veterans and recognize those individuals who served our Nation. That is why I have co-sponsored legislation to waive the Department of Motor Vehicles administrative fee currently being charged to veterans who choose to replace their driver’s license or non-drivers ID early with a new document that reflects their status as a veteran,” said Nozzolio.
The legislation creating the veterans status designation went into effect earlier this month and is designed to make it simpler and more convenient for veterans to show and verify their status as veterans without having to carry multiple forms of identification. This measure allows a veteran to apply for the designation when they renew their New York State driver's license either by mail using their renewal notice and a photocopy of their DD214 proof of honorable discharge. They can also apply at their local Department of Motor Vehicles office.