ARCADIA ó On Nov. 13, Ida Isreal celebrated her 100th birthday in the very home she was born in.
Ida was born on Nov. 13, 1913, delivered by a midwife to her waiting motherís arms in her Buffalo Road home. Her parents, Peter and Minnie Leenhouts, purchased the home, and her father farmed it for many years. An only child, Ida attended one of the small country schools in the area, walking to school every day, where she met a young boy and her future husband, Elmer, who lived just down the road.
Ida remained in school until she reached high school, at which time she left school to care for her ailing mother. At the age of 20, Ida and Elmer were married, and they began their family in that home, with Elmer taking over the farm. Her mother lived with Ida and her family until her death in 1965.
Over the years, the home has seen some remodeling and updates. Ida can recall having to use a crank phone to call someone, and even then it was on a party line, so anyone could listen in on the conversation. Never would she have thought her children and grandchildren would be carrying around a phone in their pocket, she said. A lot has changed, but Ida has kept up with the times with her cell phone and flat screen television.
On Nov. 9, Idaís three children and family gathered to celebrate the milestone birthday at the Fairville Fire Hall. Ida was pleased to see family members from all across the U.S., many of whom she hasnít seen in years.