WALWORTH — The Community Relations Committee of the Gananda Board of Education invites the community to engage with committee members at its first in a series of Open Forums on Monday, Nov. 25. This is an opportunity for Gananda residents to sit down with their board members and discuss the issues important to them in a casual setting. A second Open Forum is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 11.
“The Gananda Board of Education understands that community members will have questions and comments related to the ‘due diligence’ topics that are being reviewed and discussed at our Board meetings this year,” says Mrs. Finnegan.
“The format of the Board of Education meetings does not allow for Q-and-A or discussion with community members. We believe it is important to answer those questions, to listen to comments and concerns, and to have relevant, constructive discussions. The Open Forums will give community members an opportunity to ask questions and engage in such discussions with board members and Superintendent Van Scoy.”
Interested participants may submit questions for the Board’s consideration in advance to Leslie Ferrante, District Clerk, at lferrante@gananda.org.