She never planned to write a book — or two for that matter — but Shirley Pieters Vogel has done just that, her second book “Faith, Favorites, Fun, and Fotos of Cape Cod” recently released and available for sale.
Vogel was born and raised in Newark, graduating from Newark High School in 1954. Now living in Cape Cod, Mass., she visits family and friends in her hometown of Newark often.
“I had never planned to write a book, but after God brought Stefan, a new husband, into my life in such a marvelous way that he calls the story, ‘God’s Soap Opera,’ I believe God whispered to do just that,” Vogel said.
Using journals she had been keeping since her life took a new path through a divorce and then remarriage, Vogel told her story about her journey of faith for her first book in 2008, ‘wHispers’. The title is an acronym for “wHen He is so precious even rocks sing.”
“This true story is about God’s amazing love and faithfulness – especially in tough times,” she said. “As I continued to write, I was inspired to write about how God had taken me from my comfort zone and blessed me through ministries new to me, but also life threatening medical crises including a stroke and brain hemorrhages. When I shared the story with neighbors and friends, many suggested I share the marvelous story with others in a book and that was the start.”
Today, her most recent book, “Faith, Favorites, Fun, and Fotos of Cape Cod”, Vogel writes about God’s love and grace in her life as well as in the lives of others. This book also was unplanned. Vogel said she was sorting through old files when the idea came to her to write another book and she knew exactly what she wanted to call it. It was a publisher that suggested she add photos of Cape Cod to her compilation.
Several of the book’s stories, anecdotes, and favorite pieces by Vogel herself and other authors will make readers laugh and cry. All are set to 80 of Megan O’Leary’s stunning full-color photography of Cape scenes.
“I wrote new faith pieces, assembled various kinds of writings and quotes I had collected, and then found a photographer who had a variety of photos from which I could choose,” Vogel explained. “Now I have a book that many are enjoying and are buying to use as Christmas gifts.”
Both books are available in soft cover and e-book at, and bookstores including Barnes and Noble. Personalized copies from Vogel can be purchased by calling (508) 394-0646 or emailing