NEWARK — The village is hoping to stir up some wintertime family fun this holiday season.
With the cold wind of winter blowing in, the village has launched a snowman-building contest for village residents and businesses. Snow sculptures will also be accepted.
“It’s an opportunity to get families and businesses to have a little fun building a snowman,” said Mark Peake, village economic development and code enforcement officer. “It’s another one of the things we’re trying to do to help build community spirit and pride. It also gives families and kids an inexpensive way to have some fun.”
Just last month, the village honored Lyons National Bank with a pumpkin-topped trophy for their pumpkin sculpture employees created for the Spooktacular Pumpkin Sculpture Contest. The idea was well received, with businesses throughout the village taking part. Peake said even now local business representatives are talking about what they would like to do next year for the contest.
As winter arrives, Peake said they decided they wanted to reach out to local residents as well and invite families to join in on the fun. Any village resident or business may take part in the contest, but every entry must sign up with the village to be included in the judging and the chance to win.
Peake said they already have businesses signing up. The business winner will receive a free pizza and a snowman trophy they may display for the next year, their business name inscribed on the base. Each year, like the pumpkin contest trophy, the snowman trophy will be awarded to the business winner and winners names will be inscribed on the trophy base.
Residents will receive cash prizes — $100 for first place and $50 for second place — for their snow creations.
Here are the rules:
- Entry must be located in the village.
- Build a snowman, sculpture or whatever you like ... it’s up to you. But the snow creation must be suitable for all audiences.
- Residential entries must be on the property’s front lawn area in clear view from the street and may not block sidewalks or driveways. Business entries must be in front of the business on the lawn area or on sidewalk (no more than 3 feet from building), and may not block the sidewalk or building entrance.
- Only food coloring can be used to color entry.
- No wood or metal framework can be incorporated in the structure of the snow sculpture.
- Sculptures should be of a non-interactive nature — this means no areas are intended for people to walk on, crawl, stand, sit under or climb.
Judging will be held on Saturday, Dec. 28. In case there is no snow to make sculptures, an alternative judging date is set for Jan. 18. To enter, call 331-4770, Ext. 108 by Friday, Dec. 20.
Peake said they are planning another contest for the summer. Details will be posted on the village’s website as they develop.
As residents and businesses build their snow creations, Peake said they are also encouraged to light up the community for the holiday season. The village is asking residents and business owners to put up white lights outside their homes and offices to help brighten the Christmas holiday for everyone. The light displays aren’t part of any contest, Peake said, but they will be enjoyed and appreciated by passersby as they travel through the village throughout the holidays.