NEWARK — Twenty-three Newark High School students, and three staff members, were given citations at an informal ceremony Oct. 25 commending them for their actions, since school began in September, reflective of the school’s core values.
At a casual, 30-minute gathering in the NHS library, at which recipients and guests enjoyed bagels and donuts, Principal Tom Roote recognized each recipient by first explaining the good deed that prompted someone to nominate them for a citation.
“You were recommended after people noticed you did something consistent with school values,’’ he explained. “. . . we are recognizing students who are making good choices.’’
On certificates given each recipient, Roote commended them for their “great work showing all in our school community what it looks like to be a safe, trustworthy, respectful and responsible Red!” Later, they will be given star medals reflective of their deeds.
The inspiration behind Roote’s “Script N Student and Staff Recognition Program” are the “acts of students and staff that embody the oft-cited quote: “Your character is who you are when no one is looking.”
He said the program was designed to be the catalyst for all associated with the NHS community to talk about the importance of values and to instill them whenever possible.
Students receiving citations included: Ciera Lancaster, Katherine Thoms, Carly Shear, Julianna Otero, Sierrah Marlow, Talon O’Campo, Nichole Schuler, Samantha LaBar, Anthony Humby, Melissa Butterfield, Nicholous Briggs, Samuel Bornheimer, Kanoah Markham, Cheyanne Tarrant, Triston Heckman, Amanda Fagner, Sarinah Hernandez, Nicholas Tarplee, Scott O’Connor, Deven Lewis, Spencer Edmonds, Andrea Sackett and Gillian D’Ambrosia. The three staff members who were cited were: Spanish teacher Kathleen Freischlag, school psychologist Kristin Leonard, and Jay Flock, who is Coordinator of Student Affairs.Four of the award recipients were not able to attend.
The many good deeds enumerated included:
• A student having the courage to ask peers at an assembly to quiet down and be respectful.
• Some students, concerned about a potential safety issue, alerted Roote about a possible “stranger” knocking on a school door.
• A student asking a person picking on another student to stop and relaying the information to a staff member.
• A music student unobtrusively helping another with a song he was struggling to learn.
• A student “teaching” another who had been absent, material presented while he was away so he could complete his assignment.
• A student sweeping up dirt and mud left in a classroom by another student.
• A student reaching out to a new student and sitting with her in the cafeteria her first day of school.
• A student helping another having difficulty completing a worksheet.
• A student helping a diabetic friend avert a potentially dangerous medical situation.
Roote also announced Script N award winners’ accomplishments over the public address system during halftime at the October 25 football game.
Persons wishing to nominate someone for a Script N citation, can find the form on the Newark High School website at
Roote noted good deeds being recognized are not limited to actions involving students and staff in school, but also outside of school.