NEWARK — The members of the Newark First United Methodist Church, 301 South Main Street, are busy preparing for their 11th annual Christmas Cookie Sale to be held Saturday, Dec. 14 starting at 10 a.m. and continuing until cookies are sold out (approximately at 11:30 a.m.) Cookies are sold for $7 per pound.
Eleven years ago, Elsie Dedrick, co-chair, read an article in the local paper about a church in a neighboring community that held a Christmas cookie sale to raise funds for a mission in their church. After some research and finding a co-chair, the women of Newark First decided to organize their own cookie sale and raise money to send kids to summer church camp.
Since that first year, the sale has taken on a life of its own.
“The Church members know what they want to do so worker sign up is very quick and easy,” Carole Nary, co-chair, said. “When the members are called, they already know how many of their favorite cookies they are going to make.”
Janie Reeder, the church’s premier baker, usually starts her baking in October.
“I’m a little behind schedule this year, but I still plan on getting at least 75 dozen done,” she said. “I’m also trying a few new recipes.”
On the Thursday before the sale, a group of women meets at the church to decorate cut-out cookies. They are not professional decorators, but they do have a lot of fun trying. One member said that once she learned how to make icing stars, she added stars to everything. Friday is the most exciting day. All the homemade cookies are arranged on trays ready to sell. When the workers leave at the end of the afternoon, eleven dining tables and the kitchen counters are filled with trays of cookies.
Saturday is the big day. Cookie enthusiasts from all Wayne County and surrounding towns are lined up outside the front doors. The doors open at exactly 10 a.m. to a glorious wonderland of goodies and delicious aromas.
Everyone is given a box and plastic glove so they can choose what they would like to buy. When the box is full, it is weighed to determine cost. Soon all cookie trays have been put out, tables are starting to come down, and by noon all is back to normal.
Last year over $2,500 was raised and 11 youth were able to go to church camp for a week. This mission of the church is very rewarding and we look forward to this year’s sale on Dec 14 at 10 a.m. For further information, call the church office at 331-3895.