LYONS — After meeting with Palmyra-Macedon’s school superintendent Thursday night, the chairman of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee was expected to recommend at a meeting this morning that a proposal to scrap or alter sales-tax sharing with school districts be rejected, according to a press release issued by the school district.

Macedon Town Supervisor William Hammond asked Robert Ike, superintendent of Pal-Mac, to join him at a regularly scheduled Macedon Town Board meeting on Thursday. Hammond, who serves as chairman of the Wayne County Finance Committee, which was to meet at 9 a.m. today, noted the significance of the sales tax distribution issue, and that he had heard feedback from many constituents. At the meeting, Hammond announced that it was his intention today “to go to the County Finance Committee and tell the committee that we (the supervisors) should make no attempt” to change the sales tax distribution formula at this time.

“On Dec. 10, Gov. Cuomo announced that he was accepting the final report of the New York State Tax Relief Commission,” said Hammond. “Given this report and its potential implications for the taxpayers of Wayne County, it is important that we wait. We need to examine the contents of the report and weigh the potential outcomes for taxpayer relief. We don’t have the information we need to even have this discussion yet. There are too many unknowns.”

Ike commended Hammond, noting that the “towns and the school districts cannot become polarized on this issue. Instead we must continue to work together. In doing so, we will not only strengthen opportunities for our children, but we can join our efforts to examine opportunities for additional shared services, consolidation and property tax relief.”

Ike said the effort that will produce the best results for taxpayers in Wayne County school districts is for the Board of Supervisors and boards of education to call on our state representatives to fulfill their financial obligation to local schools.

“A return to the state’s duty to provide a sound basic education for the children of our county will not only ensure that we continue providing a quality education but will provide meaningful property tax relief,” said Ike. “I thank Supervisor Hammond for inviting me here this evening and for his decision to use an open, deliberative process at some date in the future to discuss sales tax revenues and property tax relief for the residents of this town and our school district as well as the entire county.”

School officials met Thursday at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES headquarters to demand that the county supervisors deliberate and make their decision in the open — and do that based on negotiations with school boards and superintendents.

In his opening remarks in Thursday’s press conference, Red Creek school district Superintendent Dave Sholes said, “Over the past few months and in recent years, we have listened, presented and informed our supervisors of the ramifications of taking away sales-tax revenue from the schools. During this time period, we have heard very little, if any, open debate on a very important $5.4 million county issue that could adversely affect the future of students, residents and businesses. “We fear the loss of $5.4 million, but also fear a decision of this magnitude will be made — or may have been made — behind closed doors.”