NEWARK — The residents and staff at Newark Manor, a Hurlbut Care Community, kicked off their holiday season in late November with a musical performance by a unique duo known as The Golden Boys. The band consists of Bob Brewster on keyboards and Vi Richardson doing vocals, as well as playing conga drums, an array of other percussion instruments, guitar, ukulele, flugelhorn and trombone.
Several residents of Newark Manor stated that this was one of the most interesting, exciting concerts they’d seen and heard. “They were magnificent, awesome,” said resident Sandra Staley. “Everyone loved the show because they played so many different kinds of music and were so enthusiastic.”
The Golden Boys come from diverse musical backgrounds that contribute to the eclectic nature of their performances. Brewster has New York and Newark roots, playing as a member of the Phantoms in 1959 and recalling playing in the Newark Mall on a flatbed truck for a record hop. Richardson hails from Hawaii, played in a band that appeared on the original Hawaii Five-O TV show, and also worked with one of the 50th state’s most famous entertainers, Don Ho.
As part of their ongoing entertainment series for residents and staff, Newark Manor — and 12 other Hurlbut Care Communities around the Rochester region and in Florida — host various musical performers to enhance the quality of life for individuals at their facilities.