As a resident of Victor, I have the following concerns about the Pinnacle Project (an athletic complex planned for Victor):
- Traffic on those roads is bad enough every morning, noon and night, without adding more cars.
- Restaurants and hotels in Victor are not full to begin with and Pinnacle is adding more unnecessarily.
- Are the results conclusive that there are no "heavy metals" in the quarry?
- Where will the run-off from the parking lot, buildings and fields go? Into the waterway/wetlands there currently? There is quite a large stream there, and I have been told that its the beginnings of Irondequoit Creek and winds its way to Irondequoit Bay. Do the other towns between Victor and the bay know this? Does the DEC know this?
- What kind of bridge is going to span the walking trail? From what I understand, the buildings are on one side and the fields will be located on the other. Looking at the topography, the trails are in a valley, along with the stream/wetlands. Something will need to go over the top.
- This monstrosity of a building is going to ruin the view from Saurer Farms.
- The town is doing nothing to protect its citizens against a project of this nature. There is a lot of whispering going on about "deals" being made. Can the Pinnacle board of directors be matched against ex-town board members?
- There are flags marking a "wetlands delineation. How much of the wetlands in going to be disturbed?
- With no sewer system in place, where is sewage going? Into a holding tank to be pumped to Farmington during off-hours? What are off-hours? Who decides this?
- All in all, this is a bad situation for Victor and possibly on the same scale as the plume.
Jimmy Smith lives in Victor.