NEWARK — "We should do more locally," said one Rotarian some months ago.
John Zornow, Newark Rotary President since July 1, insisted, "We can do both, we have the ability to help our neighbors and address needs internationally.”
Linda Werts, co-chair of the service committee has championed the needs of those in South Sudan who are victims of genocidal war and looked for ways to help. In doing this she met Sebastion Maroundit and Mathon Noi, who came to the United States determined to help rebuild their homeland. With literacy there one of the lowest in the world, Building Minds in South Sudan has found the support of the Newark Club through Mrs. Werts who has helped raise over $2,500 to help build and equip a school and open educational opportunities to girls.
Sebastion Maroundt and Judy Schwartz of Building Minds in South Sudan visited Newark Rotary on Nov. 14, receiving a check for $2,500 raised by Werts through the Rotary’s annual open house at the Emporium shop on South Main Street and the Rotary Canalside event in September.