Former Messenger Post Newspapers writer Dean M. Lichterman’s debut novel “Write Place, Right Time” is now being published by Christian Publishing House.
The book is the first in a series of pre-apocalyptic thrillers that follow the harrowing misadventures of Don Lamplighter, a devout Christian freelance journalist who is struggling to support his wife and cat during a recession.
“I had two ideas for a fiction book — one that featured a Christian hero who solves a problem just because he happens to be there, and one that explains pre-revelation biblical prophecy,” said Lichterman. “This series of books is a way to combine those interests into an exciting novel.”
In “Write Place, Right Time,” Lamplighter is on his way to what he expects to be a mundane village board meeting when he stops to help out a stranded vehicle. Unfortunately, he is only able to save one of the passengers before the vehicle is involved in a horrible crash. What follows is a week-long series of seemingly unrelated events that reveal that it was no accident and only he holds the clue to tie it to a satanic secret society that is meeting on the outskirts of town.
“The post-apocalyptic genre is popular in several forms of media, but I have noticed that there is little out there that explains how things got that way,” said Lichterman. “In my books, the reader can learn about end-time prophecy as Lamplighter uncovers clues to local mysteries.”
“Write Place, Right Time” is available from the Christian Publishing House website at, and online through Barnes and Noble.