WALWORTH — During the month of December, Mrs. Donna Rizzo, Principal of Freewill Elementary School, presented the following November awards:
Certificate of Achievement Awards were presented to Son’ai Chavis, Shelby Suwyn, Sammy Deutsch, Wyatt Murray, Joshua Ford, Jaydes Baerga, Brandon LoPresti, Kayla O’Neill and Lucy Resch.
Congratulation Awards went to Grant Wildey, Lauren Venti, Jacob Albright, Michael Verhow, Dylan Black, Sammy Cypressi, Carly Wahl, Raigan Holtz and Cameron Crawford.
Young Author Awards were given to Liam Keeney,Cassidy Wiegand, Cora Flannery, Samantha Bremer, Dyllan Coons, Peyton Hewitt, Julia Green, Ariel Mullin and Jacob Giudice.
Good Friend Awards went to Courtney Buss, Branden Osborne, Carter Wiggins,Hank Smith, Brianna Maus, Shaylee Brown, Jacob Kielon, Alania Coons and Nicholas Vance.
At the Intermediate Level, School Citizenship Awards were presented to Gianna Ryndock, Dylan Vance, Isais Salisbury, Ben Leone, Stephen Ward, Rachel Dennie, Sarah Paige, Merrick Bosch, Mike Gorsky, Kylie Steffen, Valerie Rodriguez-Castro, Baylee Martin, Daniel Graf, Sophia Siracuse, Carina Phillips, Alaska Dunstan and Spencer Schreiber.
Cafeteria Certificate of Appreciation for helping in keeping our cafeteria a great place to eat lunch went to Zachary Garrow, Sammy Cypressi, Norah Keeney, Ashley Deel, Emily Purdum and Eli Schichtel. The Golden Tray Away was presented to Mrs. Adamson’s 1st grade class.