Statistical Information: In November, 88 males and 11 females were committed to the jail facility, 63 transports, 11,587 inmate meals were served and $63,300 was collected from 30 inmates released on bail. Inmates worked a total of 1,255 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service. The Jail Facility boarded in 31 inmates (27 Onondaga, 2 Seneca, 1 Ontario and 1 Cayuga County Sheriff’s Offices) and 7 inmates were state ready for transfer to state prison. Court Security Officers cleared 3,091 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing 74 weapons (knives, razors, and scissors). Deputies traveled 90,196 miles on patrol, investigating 153 motor vehicle accidents with 12 injured, 2 missing persons, 29 animal complaints, 1,837 miscellaneous complaints, 485 minor crimes, 27 major crimes and 15 fires totaling 2,548 complaints received. Deputies issued 256 traffic tickets, 8 DWIs and made 279 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests. The Records Office processed 41 pistol permit applications, 45 pistol permit amendments requiring a Brady Check and registered 24 sex offenders. The Civil Office served 117 legal papers and 72 Family Court orders, handled 12 evictions, received $105,499.24 and paid out $99,224.96 to creditors. $12,181.81 was remitted to County Treasurer Thomas Warnick for the County’s General Fund.
STOP-DWI Report: Wayne County Law Enforcement charged 27 people with DWI in the month of October; Macedon Police 5, Newark Police 8, New York State Police 6 and Sheriff’s Office 8. Please drink responsibly!
Service Recognition: Correction Officer Liz Palmer completed 20 years of service. I salute Liz for her service!
December Training: Deputy Joseph Roeland attended the two week Instructor Development Training Course through the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Association in Hopewell. Proudly, I report Deputy Roeland was top of the class! Jail Facility Registered Nurses Bernice Miller and Lisa Santell attended a continuing education class on Nursing Documentation in Syracuse.
At my Swearing in Ceremony on Sunday, December 29, 2013 I made the following comments;
“Judge Barrett, thank you for presiding over and bearing witness to my Oath of Office. Our 2009 campaign together was very memorable. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to justice. Our friendship is very special, thank you.
There is an enormous amount of work through the elective process to run for office. Committee meetings, public notices, caucuses, signing petitions, and filing deadlines with the Board of Elections. A lot of work is done for a candidate by a lot of people.
No one does it alone, even if you are fortunate enough to not be opposed. The work still must be done.
To the Friends of Barry Virts Committee, especially to Chairwoman Lucinda Collier and Treasurer Sue Carr, thank you for your work in the filing of all the state election reports.
To Chairmen Bob Oaks and Jim Quinn, their respective parties, the town chairs and Election District Committee Members, I thank you.
Thank you to Marje Bridson and Maryanne Nicosia McCarthy for your work in organizing and setting up today’s ceremony.
To Public Safety Chairman Robert Plant, the Public Safety Committee, the Board of Supervisors and Board Chairman James Hoffman, thank you for our work together these past four years. I look for more of the same as we move forward to provide the best Public Safety we can afford.
I would like to thank retiring Supervisors Jody Bender and Robert Plant for your work on the Public Safety Committee these past four years and Supervisor Robert Kelsch for your work with contract negotiations. I wish you all health and happiness in retirement.
Now, I put the politics aside.
To the general public I serve; thank you for your support of my work, my vision and my leadership as your Wayne County Sheriff.
The job of being Sheriff is more difficult than I thought it would be and I enjoy the work more than I thought I would. My work as Sheriff involves long days, night meetings, many events and banquets, and travel obligations each year for county business with the New York State Sheriffs’ Association, the National Sheriffs’ Association Domestic Violence Committee and the New York State Association of Counties Public Safety Committee.
I do not turn my responsibilities of being your Sheriff on and off, I am always on duty and available. I am constantly working; at home, on the computer and smartphone, making calls and researching new law enforcement trends for Public Safety.
My wife, Sandy is very supportive of my work which allows me to achieve the high standards I expect of myself and you expect from your Sheriff. Thank you, Sandy for your patience and support.
But, I do not do it alone.
I have been fortunate to be surrounded by bright, professional and dedicated people these past four years. My first deputy; Undersheriff Richard House has done a marvelous job in overseeing the day to day fiscal management of the Sheriff’s Office. Undersheriff House, I thank you for your dedication. I know the communities of Wayne County, the employees of the Sheriff’s Office, our law enforcement colleagues and certainly, I appreciated your hard work and dedication.
Betty Rose Chardeen, my confidential assistant, has kept me very organized and scheduled…..extremely organized and scheduled. Betty Rose, I thank you for keeping me on the run, for being exceptionally kind and considerate as my first voice and contact to those folks calling for our help and assistance. Your work to send our Wayne County kids to the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute Summer Camp is especially appreciated by their families and the agencies you work with to make this all happen. Thank you Betty Rose for all you do.
The employees of the Sheriff’s Office are the most important resource I have. Without them, there is no service. I must thank Major Lester Carr and Chief Deputy Bob Hetzke, our Command Lieutenants: Brian Ameele, Steve Sklenar, Rob Milby and Jeff Fosdick, the sergeants, deputies, correction officers, court security officers and civilian staff for their work with me in re-organizing the operations of the Sheriff’s Office, in reaching out to the communities and our work with all of the Public Safety agencies in Wayne County to enhance our services to you.
Our mutual respect and partnering with all emergency first responders has elevated our collective ability to protect and serve you in all areas of Public Safety. We worked to have your Wayne County Sheriff’s Office fully accredited in all areas of operation; Police Services, Jail Facility, Court Security and Civil Processes. We are a member agency of WayneNET with co-commander status. Now the Sheriff’s Office has two full time deputies assigned to WayneNET, providing the day-to-day supervision for investigations and the WayneNET operation is housed at the Sheriff’s Office here in Lyons. We collaborated with the police departments to provide Offender Watch, a one stop website to track and monitor the 300 and growing number of sex offenders that live among us. With my work on the National Sheriffs’ Association Domestic Violence Committee I was able to bring one of only four nationwide contemporary Domestic Violence trainings offered by the National Sheriffs’ Association to Wayne County in 2013. With the help of the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and in partnering with all Wayne County first responders we offer the medical alert Yellow DOT Program. We enhanced our assistance to the police departments with impact projects, policing of community festivals, provided mandated training to their patrol officers and jointly implemented a common law enforcement social media policy.
I want to thank all the Police Chiefs and State Police Captain Neil Gallivan for our work together these past four years. Our cooperation has made a difference in the law enforcement services we provide by our individual agencies and collectively. We did this in partnership as colleagues. The communities we represent recognized our good work together and appreciated our seamless law enforcement services. I look forward to our continued collaborations these next four years and beyond.
Unexpectedly, I became a strong leader with the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and here at home with my opposition of the NY Safe Act. I will continue to pursue the repeal of the Safe Act and to support the rights of our law abiding citizens.
What will the next four years bring?
We will continue to evaluate and improve our Public Safety services to best serve you with the resources we have available;
We will move 38 beds from the Annex Building into the confines of the Jail Facility to increase our safety and security to better manage our inmate population and contain costs.
We will update our communications ability with mobile internet connections to all law enforcement patrol vehicles and partner with the police departments, state police and 911 Center for a comprehensive records management system.
We will brighten up our Sheriff’s Office website and create a Facebook page for quick and seamless communications to you social media followers.
The tragedy in Webster has been heavy on my heart and I want to be prepared if such a tragic incident occurs here. We will implement a Line of Duty Death protocol for our Sheriff’s Office members and in assisting the police departments if such a terrible loss occurs here.
I promise to work tirelessly on behalf of all Wayne County residents to continue to provide the most professional, progressive, effective and efficient Public Safety Office our great county can afford.
As your Sheriff, I will continue to be in your communities and accessible to you.
It is a privilege and great honor you have bestowed to me to represent you as your Wayne County Sheriff.
Thank you for your special trust in me.”
Please contact me at 946-5797 or with any questions or concerns you may have.