NEWARK — The Village Board will hold a public hearing at its next meeting as it considers adopting a new law related to accepting bids.
Local Law 2014-1 makes use of the “Best Value Procurement Standard,” which pertains to “circumstances when, or types of procurements for which, in the sole discretion of the governing body, the solicitation of alternative proposals or quotations will not be in the best interest of the municipality.”
Village Clerk/Treasurer Steve Murawski told board members the standard doesn’t get around the bidding process. Instead, he said, it allows for options for the best value in the best interest if the village. Bids for projects or services are often granted to the lowest bidder. Under this law, the village would be able to grant a bid to a higher bidder, Murawski explained. However, the village would have to justify why the higher bid is the best deal. Murawski said an example might be a better value realized over a period of time.
Under the procurement standard, circumstances where accepting the lowest bid may not be in the best interest of the village includes professional services requiring special skills or technical expertise, which should be chosen based on “accountability, reliability, responsibility, skill, education and training, judgment, integrity and moral worth”; emergency purchases; surplus and second-hand goods purchases; and goods and services under $2,500.
The public hearing will be held Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 5:10 p.m. in the second-floor courtroom of the Municipal Building.