NEWARK — Roosevelt Children’s Center, a program of Wayne ARC, is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a grant of $5,000 from the Wayne County Community Endowment.
This grant will fund the purchase of iPads for the Assistive Technology Department to be used as communication devices for non-verbal children at RCC. The RCC classrooms will also utilize the ipads for video modeling which is a technique to help children with autism learn social skills. For additional information on this grant, please contact Lynne Ward, Director of RCC at 331-2086 ext. 110.
The Wayne County Community Endowment consists of several funds established at Rochester Area Community Foundation for the benefit of Wayne County. Two times per year, the Advisory Committee reviews and analyzes the requests and recommends projects to the Board of Rochester Area Community Foundation. The Advisory Committee also encourages expanded philanthropy to meet the ongoing needs of the Wayne County Community.
For additional information on the Wayne County Community Endowment, contact Lori Banning at (585) 341-4357.