As we move forward in 2014, I plan to continue to give updates on a variety of issues to do with the village of Newark. The interest shown this year by many village residents about paving of streets especially North Main Street and Peirson Avenue, I thought that paving and 12 years of history was a good place to start.
Updates on the Village of Newark:
This is a review of the paving history, for the village of Newark streets and the impact of those costs, to village residents.
FY 2002 through FY 2014 the village of Newark received approximately $2,158,000 from the state of New York through “CHIPS Funding” to help offset the cost of paving our village streets. During this time period the village of Newark actually spent on paving village streets approximately $4,031,000. In other words through the annual budget processes of moving funds around, the additional paving of our streets was accomplished.
The additional spending was around $1,873,000. Trust me, our streets needed improvement and those improvements were accomplished through solid financial management.
The paving season for FY 2014 brought very challenging problems. Our plan to have Route 88 reconstructed, from Pearl Street, on the north end of the village, to Rose Drive, on the South End of the Village. This project was pulled from the funding list by NYS DOT because of cut-backs in their system. Please keep in mind that we started the planning for this Route 88 project in 2007. We tried again in January of 2013 to get our Route 88 project re-funded; however, we were not successful and were told to look at applying again in 2019.
For FY 2014 the cost of Paving was $ 717000, of this amount $232,000 was funded with “CHIPS AID”. The shortfall of almost $484,000 came from our General Fund Balance. The asphalt paving had to be done-- North Main Street was falling apart, Pierson Avenue was long overdue and West Pearl had to be paved.
The other addition to our 2014 paving schedule was to use a different more cost effective procedure on some secondary streets. We used an application of Oil and Stone on the following streets; Bryant, Landon, Stuerwald Ave., Plain Street, Fair Street, Dell Street and a section of Frey Street. The total cost of the Stone and Oil Paving application for these streets was approximately $50,000. These streets will be closely monitored and if acceptable, this oil and stone procedure, will used when and where applicable in future paving years. The cost savings from the oil and stone procedure will allow the continued focus on our major routes, for future years of paving.
To put into prospective, the cost of asphalt in 2002 was $29 per ton; cost of asphalt for 2014 was $68 per ton. In 2014 we purchased approximately 6,000 ton of asphalt, when you compare 2002 costs for asphalt versus 2014 costs, it basically cost our village almost $234,000 more for asphalt in 2014 than the asphalt cost the village in 200.
To help give a very clear understanding for the importance of strong solid fiscal management of our village budgets; from FY 2002 through FY 2014 the taxes in the village of Newark have increased by 1,084,132. When you compare, for this example only, the increase in village taxes over this period of time was almost $789,000 less than our costs for additional paving of our village streets. That is an accomplishment!
— Peter Blandino, Mayor and Budget Officer, Village of Newark