Monroe County is continuing an investigation into the incident.

ROCHESTER — The Greater Rochester International Airport received what authorities called “specific threats” and discovered two unattended bags on Thursday, resulting in a search of the airport and a temporary shutdown of the roads leading to it.

Monroe County officials said the investigation had been cleared as of Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn said it all started just after noon. According to O'Flynn, the airport received the threats and, shortly after, the unattended bags were found. This turn of events prompted an emergency response from the county's hazardous device team.

"Our hazardous device team responded and was able to secure and evaluate the two suspicious articles," O’Flynn said Thursday afternoon. "(Investigators) determined they were not a threat. It took a little time doing X-ray to determine they were safe."

Investigators used robots to check the unattended "articles." O'Flynn said the items were determined to be baggage.

"The bomb team responded with their equipment, included in that was a portable X-ray, that allowed us to investigate," said the sheriff.

While the investigation was underway, roads to the airport were closed, but passengers were still being loaded and unloaded inside the airport.

Roads were reopened later Thursday afternoon.

Deputies said the investigation into the threats made to the airport are underway.