Here in Palmyra we have been holding workshops on a regular basis as well as our monthly meetings.

This year at the workshops, we have focused on several improvements to our operations and facilities. To be proactive, we are changing access to Town Hall while keeping availability of the services you need. Many are measures that we hope will never be needed, but better to be practical and keep safety paramount.

We also are in the process of replacing our telephone hardware and software. Over the years we have had some issues with the existing phones and have placed band-aids on them to continue business. The current system is 20-plus years old and we are on borrowed time. The new system has many features that will allow us to deliver better service to all callers in a more timely fashion.

The largest program the town board has been working on is the rebuilding and replacements at the town highway facility. As great a job the highway guys do with the current facility, we have several opportunities to improve the operations and buildings. Currently, we are focusing on a heated truck barn. Unlike most towns in this area, we store millions of dollars of equipment that are used almost daily in a cold storage building. In the case of the plow trucks there are several reasons why it is more efficient and much safer to store them in a heated facility. This doesn’t even consider the extended life of each vehicle.

A small team was assigned to gather information on storage structures and make recommendations to the full board, and this has gone very well. They are very close to making a recommendation for a replacement structure, which will include design, engineering, construction and financing. When we have firm details to share, we will have public information meetings to share ideas and get input. At this time we expect a minimal, if any, impact on local annual taxes. We intend to present the concept with all current and any future financial and operational impacts soon.

At the county I am still a member of the economic development and planning, finance and public works committees. I also serve as chairman of public works. There has been a small group assigned to evaluate and make recommendations to the full board for the use of all county facilities. I am a member, and we are looking at the most efficient use and the placement of all current county departments. In the first two weeks of 2017, we will have organizational meetings to structure both Wayne County and the town of Palmyra. All positions will be reviewed and reconfirmed or reappointed.

As always, in 2017 my door is open and I will help in any way possible. I would like to wish you, your friends and family from the town of Palmyra a very happy and prosperous new year.