A man attempting to move a flaming pan from the Silver Street residence suffered burns.

CLIFTON SPRINGS — A Clifton Springs resident was taken to the hospital on Saturday after suffering burns from a grease fire that broke out at his home at 47 Silver St. 

According to Clifton Springs Fire Chief Amanda Spence, four people, including two adults and two children, were preparing food when the blaze broke out shortly before noon. 

An unidentified male homeowner attempted to remove a pan containing the flames from the residence when he suffered the burns. 

The fire was successfully squelched by a fire extinguisher inside the residence, Spence said. 

No damage showed on the outside of the home, although the odor from the grease fire was noticeable. Heavy smoke was reported coming from inside the residence. 

As firefighters dealt with the fire, neighbor Diane Lannon had the two young boys from the damaged home sit in her truck to keep warm. 

The boys were later given the opportunity to sit in one of the Clifton Springs fire trucks.

Phelps firefighters assisted at the scene. The injured man was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital by Finger Lakes Ambulance.