GREECE — A popular fast food restaurant was the center of discussion at the Greece Town Board meeting on Tuesday night, but residents say the green light doesn't come without concern.

Still, the board overwhelmingly approved the rezoning request by Chick-Fil-A. The special use permit clears a major hurdle for the Georgia-based fast food restaurant.

Shonta Nash is a big fan of Chick-Fil-A and looks for it whenever she travelS out of town. But there is a bigger concern that brought her to the Greece town board meeting — her three children.

"I am literally right across the street from the proposed development," she says, "Ridge Road alone has been very bad for teens. Some of my children'S friends have been injured and killed in accidents. I just don't want that traffic to be congested and brought to my home."

Nash was among scores of neighbors who wanted to hear from themselves that the popular fast food chain plans to come to the Rochester area. 

At the meeting, many people were asking the board to clear the way.

The developer plans a 5000-square-foot Chick-Fil-A on Ridge Road, across from the Mall at Greece Ridge Center. The restaurant would employ about 80 people, operate every day but Sunday, and serve no alcohol.

Anne LeBlanc of Greece is in favor of it: 

"I love Chick-Fil-A," she says, "Feel like I ought to be waving a Chick-Fil-A flag but I don't know that they have one."

Developer Frank Imbrusia says he's encouraged by the community excitement, but he's also thinking about the mother of three.

"We've taken some lengths, and I explained to her tonight [that] we moved that driveway entrance and we're going to put some stuff in to buffer her a little better. I encouraged her to come back to the Planning Board meeting and work with our architects and engineers so we can accomodate her. She's got three small children, and that's important."

When asked if Chick-Fil-A has its sights on any other locations in the region, the developer would only say that the company is "exploring the market."

if all goes as planned, Imbrusia expects the restaurant to be up and running sometime this summer.