GREECE — Police say a husband and wife were found dead on Mt. Read Boulevard in Greece Wednesday morning.

A man and woman, both in their 70s, were found dead with gunshot wounds. Police are investigating the deaths as a possible murder-suicide.

Officers were called the home after the woman who lives there failed to show up to work this morning, and her boss called 911 concerned.

Police say they found a handgun inside the home.

Jim Caluneo, who lives next door, told News 10NBC he has been friends with the couple for years. Caluneo even went to the couple’s wedding, ten years ago.

"Consummate neighbors, wonderful family birthdays, Christmases, christenings, we shared everything," said Caluneo.

Caluneo and other friends said the couple had been having marital problems for about a year and a half, adding that the woman filed for divorce last week. Caluneo said the woman was staying elsewhere the last few days, but returned last night.

"This is totally off-guard. All of us, in varies ways, have been through break-ups like theirs — there was no anger, no name calling, no threats. Everyone in the whole family was trying to implore them to keep it together, and I know they did seek help, clergy and marriage counseling,” said Caluneo.

Greece police say are not releasing the name of the couple until family can be notified.