Lyons Middle School recently named students to its second-quarter hi-honor, honor and merit rolls.

Seventh grade

Hi-honor: Elizabeth Casalmir and Quintin Franklin.

Honor: Zander Beaudette, Matthew Briggs, Dakota Learn, Faith Magwood, Caitlyn McDonald, Sara Parker, Aaron Rouse, Jeffrey Schuldt, Morgan Verbridge and Hunter Wadhams.

Merit: Kendall Beaudette, Ayden Cook, Hannah Critchfield, Brendin Filetti, Kaila Granger, Abigail Gravino and Julianna Holly.

Eighth grade

Hi-honor: Connor Bastian, Lucy Dobbins, Calistine Feger and Taylor Richardson.

Honor: Elizabeth DiSanto, Yunique Horn, Ayden Jacob, Hannah Lake, Ella Lester, Makenna Massey and Colten Schleede.

Merit: Karlee Kemp, Alexis Arduini, Amber Blanchette, Riley DeCola-Velazquez, Grace Gaylord, Alexis Kendt, Connor Moore, Jerell Petty, Jenna Stone, Emma Tuck, Aryn Wallace and Matthew Ward.